f22 beating h22

f22 accord beating h22 accord

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JDM f22b vs. JDM h22 accords
racing the H22 accord after being tuned.

Part 2 H22 coupe vs. g35 vs. f22 accord
niqquhs running with the tank on e smh comment if you think the h22 coupe had gas it would of smoked the g35. positive and negative comments please.

f22a6 130 mph 4th gear pull

H22 vtec head f22b block prelude first time Vtec'N IT 7k
first vtec from front and rear. I dont like the Exhaust muffler hope to get a ws2. 7k rev limit set at. still pursueing this budget build to make 300whp on Boost with stock f22b (dohc) block with stock vtec head. motor build itself is about a grand. 12psi might be possible. project F25B dohc vtec will start after this one is finished.