170mph fly by

fly by 170 mph not kpm

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170mph Camaro Fly By

Ricer gets busted by police - HILARIOUS!
Civic gets busted doing a burnout....FAIL!

200 mph flyby btween 2 bikes
gsxr 1000's. 4 am in jxn, ms.. were doing 50 or 60 in a bagged blazer.. ha ha fun fun night

Suzuki Hayabusa - 240 MPH /390KPH
Wheelie from 70 to 140 mph (113 - 225 kph) with 3 shifts! Speedometer is in MPH. 240 MPH=390KPH "at speeds over 180mph (290kph) the air in the helmet is completely sucked out by the passing air, so you cannot breathe. So it's not possible to sustain those speeds for more than a number of seconds."