Steamed Rice at the Pike 2

Just watchin some rice at the Berlin Turnpike (CT)

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Fire Pump Testing 1
Testing a large fire suppression emergency system for a USCG aircraft hangar. Twin 750 hp John Deere engines sitting on 250k gallons of water

Turbo Camaro dyno
Big single turbo, 346 CI, forged, made 846hp after a couple adjustments and a third pull. Dyno day Slowhawk Perfomance bridgewater mass.

FatMat Extreme Install Pt II
Installing Rattle Trap, Fat mat Extreme part 2, now onto the main floor of the car. Got some wiring to do first. yeah I know, get a real camera. This one doesn't seem to like the dark.

Older 200kw Generator start
Had to swap this generator out of a COM station. It was acting up out there, we left it inside overnight and it's still acting up.