87 Trans AM LS1...Open Y-pipe

Just fooling around while removing my Exhaust.

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87 Trans AM LS1/T56 swap burnout
Just foolin around in my 87 LS1 Trans AM. It has some goodies and likes to lose traction :)

Worlds Highest HP 5.3 Motor BLOWS UP on DYNO @ KC2K13
World recording breaking stock bottom end 5.3 blows on Dyno.It has been through 80 bottles of Nitrous 2 years of turbo in red dragon and now a successful run at being turbo in this Camaro.It was a great run for this all stock bottom end car.

Nexus 7 Wont Turn On? - HOW TO: Jump Starting the Flatlined Battery
Watch in HD! Read description if you want to skip ahead some... This video is a little lengthy...but I wanted to show the steps I took to make sure that it wasn't a simple problem. I.E. holding the power button, checking the battery connection, using the power cord, etc etc. If you don't want to see my thought process, or hear some of the explanation before the fix, skip to 7:20 to see what I did! This might work with other devices that have flat-lined like this tablet! DIY and get your device working again! Thanks for watching! Any questions or comments feel free to post, and please subscribe!

Replacing Recharable Battery Pack - Baby Monitor or Others!
Watch in HD! First...My apologies. My phone memory filled up halfway through the actual repair. So you'll have to do with my poorly aimed GoPro footage! One reason I really wish I had a WiFi GoPro, so I could monitor my footage. Either way...here you go! A simple and fairly cheap way to breathe new life into those devices that dont seem to hold a charge any longer. Most people will throw things away, and buy new ones. I dont like tossing out good electronics...and I hate spending more money for new ones even more! I hope this helps some of you out! Dont be afraid to tinker!