2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ knocking / ticking solved [flexplate cracked]

Thanks to JeepForum.com for some more information on what might be wrong. Thanks to n5xl @ jeepforum.com for the part # also I wouldn't have found it otherwise. Also this repair costed me around $300 + 75 for part through a good mechanic

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How to check a flex plate on a Jeep Cherokee XJ (1080p HD)
(First of all, I am so sorry the camera is flipped vertical) but the best video for 1991 xj jeep Cherokee 4x4 sport, limited, classic. The engine has a knock and the flex plate may be the problem, my flax plate was fine and I'm going to run it with the knock till it dies but this was how to check it if you have to, ignore these next statements: offroad off road extreme, how to, grand, do it your self help why does my jeep knock

Knocking engine noise... flex plate or engine ?
In this video I talk about a noise coming between the engine and transmission. Proposed the issue was the flex plate rather then the engine. Hope y'all enjoy

Jeep engine knock fix -Cherokee XJ 4.0 Auto, flexplate bolt issue
A few days ago the Jeep developed a very concerning knock, it almost sounded like a conn rod bearing has gone, but it disappeared after a few minutes and was only there when the engine was completely cold. It was only audible under load and also increasing with load, idle was quiet. Well, it's a Jeep., so it rattles and clonks all the time, but that sounded really bad. Once warm everything appered to be fine, except of a lstrange "flirring" noise at high revs, barely audible, together with some light but "unhealty" vibration, almost like a weak-spark misfire, but no loss of power. Hard to explain, but i could feel something isn't quite right. The symptoms just did not make sense, at least at first sight. Then i remembered reading something about flexplate bolt issues on the 4.0 Cherokee with the Aisin AW4 Auto Transmisson, and there we go,...3 of the 4 bolts were loose. 2 hours and a few drops of thread lock later, everything seems back to normal. Last weekend i also fitted a new radiator and welded the cracked Exhaust manifold, so that footage will be coming soon as well. See my othe Jeep related videos here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJ5sckhk3nik7WYYpkRPq9-9rnO5B01ek www.Dynoguy.co.uk Disclaimer: This footage is for entertainent only, it may show poor and/or unsafe/dangerous practice. Always consult an expert first. I must not held responsble if you kill/injure yourself and/or others, also not for any damage whatsoever.

XJ jeep, cracked flexplate carnage