72 gran torino 351 cj 4-speed drag race

This is my 72 gran torino sport. Running 8th mile drags! This is a 351 cobra jet 4v w/ hurst 4=speed ford top loader! stock bottom end, stock cast iron 4v heads w/ stainless steel valves, 292H comp cam and springs, wiend xcellerator intake, 830cfm holley, 4.56 gears. car weighs 3500lbs Runs 8.90 @ 78mph in the 8th mile.

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72 Ford Gran Torino walks all over Mopar 11.43!
Godzilla running hard against a Sweet looking Mopar! Love laying a smakdown on pretty cars. Best ET to date. Not bad for an iron headed 466. Shooting for 10s after the roll bar is installed and 125 HP Nitros kit.

72 Gran Torino vs Camaro

Godzillatorino dyno pull 1972 Gran Torino Torino Iron Heads 466 452 rwhp
Unedited Dyno pull, Trouble shifting to 3rd so power and Torque is from about 4000 rpm , Me thinks a bigger carb is in order. 452HP @5800

1970 Drag Pack Torino Cobra, 4 Speed - Complete
Well it only took over a year to put the conclusion of the 1970 Torino project on YouTube. This video was shot the day after picking the car up from Vaughn Restoration in Post Falls, ID, August, 20, 2011. We took it to the track to wring it out before parking in the garage and throwing a cover over it. Unfortunately, the quarter mile times were not so good although the mph was respectable at 98 mph. We were trying to run the car as if off the showroom floor including the 7" wide skinny tires. Took two passes to figure out how much to slide the clutch and until third gear to get it to hook. By the elimination round had sorted that out but could not grab enough brake pedal at the end to win the race - bracket racing.....yuk. This thing is a true blue Barrett-Jackson restoration. Troy has the receipts to prove it but more than that a great car and one that I personally cannot believe was something you could purchase at a dealership. Coming from a die-hard Buick performance enthusiast, I would clear out a space in my garage in a heartbeat to have this in my stable and any future track time would come with a pair of slicks. Troy and his wife Tammy are the owner operators of HiLine Engineering & Fabrication, Inc. in Richland, WA, www.hilineeng.com, and some of the nicest people on the face of the planet. Thanks for letting me be a part of this restoration project ..... your dad would be proud...may he rest in peace.