Bathurst 1980 - Peter Williamson Toyota Celica 'Race Cam'. (Part 2 of 2)


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PETER WILLIAMSON Race Cam Development 1979 - In The Thick Of It
A Super100MPH interview with Peter Williamson from the Muscle Car Masters 2015. (Updated, sound issue fixed) These days we have all become so accustomed to in-car footage which probably makes us forget how it all started back in 1979. Peter Williamson played a big role in RaceCam's development, hear his amazing story how it was all put together and how it changed the world in motor racing television coverage. This footage is also dedicated to the flaggies, firies, ARDC track marshalls/officials who did a wonderful job all those years ago, and still do. All Credit to Channel 7 sport, additional footage Tim May, Mark Jones and Greg Parke. Commentators Garry Wilkinson, Mike Raymond & Colin Young. 1979 in-car footage here https://www.audioblocks https://www.videoblocks for all your video making enhancements

1979 PETER WILLIAMSON World's First RaceCam A Super100MPH Edit. At Bathurst in 1979, Channel 7 Sport, Australia, trialled the world's first in-car camera in the Toyota Celica of privateers Peter Williamson and Mike Quinn. It brought a whole new perspective for television viewers and was a significant moment not only in Bathurst history but also in world motorsport. Commentated by Evan Green, Mike Raymond, Garry Wilkinson and Chris Economaki. All credit to Channel 7 Sport, Australia. Motor sport is an international language.

Bathurst 1981 Toyota Celica Race Cam - Part Two of Two.

Dick Johnson Bathurst Race Cam 1984
Just a little humor with Dick on race cam during the 1984 James Hardie 1000. Dick was leading at the time of the commentary. Excuse the bad reception from the race cam.