Bathurst 1980 - Peter Williamson Toyota Celica 'Race Cam'. (Part 2 of 2)


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Ford Capri v Toyota Celica Bathurst 1980 Peter Williamson (Celica), Lauri Nelson (Capri) and Peter Hopwood (Capri), go at it in a classic dice from Bathurst 1980 in the small car class.

Pimp My Ride 5x07 Shawna's 1990 Toyota Celica
Pimp My Ride is a TV show produced by MTV and hosted by rapper Xzibit. Each episode consists of taking one car in poor condition and restoring it, as well as customizing it. The original American. Pimp My Ride I need my car pimped! That would be the only way to get her fixed right away..and keep her. Cuz I love my celica! She's a Miracle Car! :D. Please Subscribe, Thx! pimp my ride,pimp my ride tv,pimp my ride full episodes,pimp my ride xzibit,pimp my ride episodes,xzibit,pimp my ride mtv,mtv tv shows,mtv tv shows.

Ford Mustang vs Toyota Celica | 1980 | Frontal Head-On Crash Test | NHTSA | CrashNet1
Symmetric car-to-car impact. Vehicle velocity at impact: 35mph. Closing speed: 70mph Test weight Ford Mustang: 3040 lbs Toyota Celica: 2020 lbs Celica: HIC Driver / HIC Passenger 880/920 Mustang: HIC Driver / HIC Passenger 870/690 The driver side occupant in the Celica exceeded the FMVSS 208 Injury Criteria for chest and right femur. The passenger side occupant in the Celica complied with the FMVSS 208 Injury Criteria. Both occupants in the Mustang complied with the FMVSS 208 Injury Criteria. No fuel leakage detected for the Celica. Fuel tank was punctured for the Mustang. Since no other damage to the fuel tank was observed, it is likely that this vehicle would comply with the the requirements of FMVSS 301-75 in a barrier test of the same impact speed. Thumbs up for the crash dummies! Do you think this vehicle is safe when compared to others in the same class? Please comment. More crash tests every week: Subscribe to CrashNet1!

1973 Bathurst Race Cam
Race cam as we know it , started in 1979 when Channel 7 beamed live pictures from the Peter Williamson Toyota Celica during the great race. However in 1973 Screen sound Australia Mounted a 16mm movie camera into a HQ holden and caught the following excellent footage.