Turbo Lexus SC400 2JZ-GTE Exhaust supraformZ.com

Video of my turbo Lexus SC400 idle. 4" Exhaust. supraforumZ.com

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Shefs 1150whp Lexus SC400 single turbo 2jz swapped on TE37s Dyno
At the track http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kiJSUcE_ykY running pumpgas tune here (not the full power) Here is it on the Dyno on highBoost http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UGpJTzBeKc 1150whp on c16 800+on low Boost 93oct single turbo 6mt 2jz SC at Phantasm Motorsports Dyno Day. This car makes INSANE power and is street driven. Amazing build that is about to be better. It is currently undergoing a full rebuild with a vertex widebody being added and fresh paint. One of my favorite cars. This thing moves... Ran low 6's in the 8th with the stock SC 400 rear end (shifting into gears that wouldn't be needed with the current supra TT diff.) Has D2 8pot front and rear brakes (removed rear for drag pack). This car is a monster. Song- LaRoux- In for the kill (skream remix)

Lexus SC 300 Turbo 15psi 505whp 720pHD
Lexus SC 300 turbo 2JZGE Low Boost - 17psi 464whp High Boost - 20psi 505whp

600HP V8 LEXUS SC400 - Against The Grain
The Lexus SC is the known alternative to the Toyota Supra. With that said, most people swap in a 1j/2j engine into the chassis. Meet Sean..... Sean wanted to be different and kept the original V8 motor that comes in the Lexus SC400. With a custome built turbo kit, and other fabricated modifications from RareFab... This SC is seeing upwards of 600HP/600TQ. This isn't the first time we've seen something from Will of RareFab.... 750HP SVT Lighting on the Street Racing Made Safe Top 10 List We sit dwon with Sean as we find out why he kept the original V8, and what's behind this montrous build! Enjoy! Current Build - 568-HP  -  551-TQ Factory "unopened" Motor Borg Warner S366 RareFab Custom turbo System RareFab Custom Intercooler RareFab Custom Radiator & Fan Shroud RareFab Custom Exhaust RareFab Custom Catch Tanks & Reservious CD009 6spd Trans Rear Diff Stinger EMS V4 Fuel System Walbro 400 RareFab: Ph: 561-739-8688 E-Mail: rarefabracing@gmail.com Web: rarefab.com IG: RareFab 1330 W Industrial Ave, Unit 105 Boynton Beach, FL 33426 http://www.rarefab.com/lexus-sc400-turbo/ Sean's IG: sc400turbov8 Sean's YouTube page: https://www.youtube.com/user/westpalmgt Drone footage provide by: Digital Sky Productions - andrewwallace15@gmail.com Music: Exit - HABU https://soundcloud.com/habumusic/habuexit habuculture@gmail.com

Soarer 1jz V.I.P
NEW VIDEO:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bu9q0J7tXNY Soarer slammed, 1jz-gte , Exhaust 3", big fmic, ssr sp1 18x10 -1 19x11.5 +18 !