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VW 2275 stroker

The first startup of my VW T1 engine. Its a 2275cc. Sounds great..


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Paul P 2275cc 189HP @ 6500 RPM
This engine is going to Island of Guam customer Paul P will really like the power and torque of this weekend warrior beast, built by Anibal Chico of Chico Performance in Arcadia,CA USA on the Dyno making 3 pulls 6000 RPM then 5500 RPM and finally 6500 RPM runs like a beast and idle's like a stocker. Thanks Chico

2275cc 156HP daily driver built for Tim B and Son
Tim's 2275 build for his custom built 65 VW bug.

2276cc VW Engine FOR SALE
For Sale Complete 2240-2276 VW engine Low time on engine, at MOST 40hrs. on engine CB Fuel Injecton (or Weber 44) your choice High Flow Heads All the best parts Built by Arao Engineering (http://www.araoengineering.com/) Pauter Crank Pauter Peened Rods Stage III Heads 44 mm intake / 37.25 mm Exhaust 1.4 Ratio Rockers SC89 Camshaft 12-to-1 Compression 009 Distributor Remote Oil Filter Wet sump oil system (conventional) NOT DRY SUMP High Comprression RACE GAS ONLY!!! Above info. based upon phone conversation with Russ @ Arao Engineering, build sheet for engine was lost! Currently in four seat chassis, upgrading to 3.5 Honda. REALLY FAST CAR with the VW! Arao Enginering Suggests replacement cost at $5500-$6000 Used suggested price $4000-$4500 without CB Performance Injection $3500.00 OR BEST OFFER

VW Motor 2276 Type 1
2276 engine project after rebuild, first start.

2275cc Built by Chico Performance 170HP Package r
Chico Built 2275cc mini d.port 44 IDF Webers made 169.5HP and 180TQ on the Dyno good video of my customer getting on the freeway gets a alittle loose in second gear enjoy. Thanks

VW 2275 test.
Testing the carbs after cleaning.

VW Cylinder Honing with Torque Plate
Watch as John @ Costa Mesa R&D Automotive Machine discusses how to hone air-cooled VW cylinders for roundness using a special torque-plate fixture. www.engine-machining.com 949-631-6376

2110 Stroker VW Engine
Startup video of a 2110 Stroker VW engine.

2054cc Kombi Engine, New Build. Initial running on Engine Stand Before fitting.
New Build 2054cc Kombi Engine, 2054cc, 94mm Barrels & Pistons, 74mm Stroke Crankshaft. Engle 110 Cam, 1.25 Ratio Rockers, Chromemoly Pushrods, Progressive Twin Weber Carb, Big Valve Empi heads with Hemi cut, Compression set at 9.5 to 1.

My VW Baja 3 of 3 STREET ROD
1835cc , 42x37.5 heads, dual springs, 140 cam, straight cut gears, dual 44 Italian webers, Total seal rings, 30mm oil pump,, oil cooler and sump.high output alternator. Baja kit, 3x3 trailing arms, 6 inch modified warrior beam HD rack and Pinion, 4 wheel disc brakes.930 CV's, FOA coil overs with res all around etc need a better trans for wheel ratio Original Gary Emory look alike street Rod Replica

1994cc Stroker Trike Engine
1994cc Stroker Trike Engine, Hemi'd Heads, High Compression, Mild Cam, Dual Progressive Weber Carb. Repaired & modified, not rebuilt.

1641cc VW Engine Dual Kadrons First Start
Motor 1641 cc, balanced

2332cc '61 VW 48IDA engine 3rd start up
Just finished building my new 2332cc engine• Compression Ratio - 9:1 (94x84, 61cc head, .070" deck) • Case - Volkswagen, AS41, dual releaf, 8mm studs, case saver inserts, deep #3 studs, tapped for full flow oil system, stress relieved, deburred, blue printed • Crankshaft -- DPR Welded 84mm VW German crank, counterweighted, balanced, 8 dowel (11/32"), Buick journals • Connecting Rods -- Empi H Beam, 5.5", ARP 2000 bolts, balanced • Pistons/Cylinders -- Mahle 94mm pistons/cylinders, balanced • Camshaft - Engle FK-8, 298° duration / .382" lift (.535" with rockers) • Heads -- Street Eliminator 42x37.5, fully ported & polished, 61cc chambers by Steve Tims • Valves - Stainless steel, 42mm intake, 37.5mm Exhaust • Rocker Arms - 1.4 ratio (measured 1.46), forged, heavy duty studs • Valve Train - Dual springs, Aircooled.net HD Aluminum push rods 10.92", Chromoly retainers, Lube a lobe scat lifters • Carb Linkage - Gene Berg GB-453, fan mount linkage • Intake Manifold --Scat (tall), match ported, polished by Steve Tims • Exhaust System - Gene Berg GB-933S 1-5/8" merged • ceramic coated • Lubrication -- steel 30mm oil pump (gears), Gene Berg full flow steel oil pump cover plate Berg 3.5 quart deep sump, Type 1 cooler • Induction - 2 Weber 48 IDA dual throat carbs, 40mm vents,Cooling - Volkswagen, 36hp dog house fan housing (no fresh air • ), OEM tin including the modified "Hoover Bit" for scat fanshroud. • Clutch / Disc - KEP, 200mm Stage II (2100 lb.) pressure plate (balanced), ACE "Copperhead" disc • Flywheel - VW, forged, 8 dowel (11/32"), 12.5 lb., chromoly gland nut, balanced, • Pulley -- CB Performance black aluminum with steel hub, balanced Ignition - Bosch 009 distributor, Bosch Blue Coil (German) - GB-207 breather box, Stainless Steel high lift pushrod tubes, Crankshaft/flywheel/clutch/pulley/rods/pistons were dynamically balanced as a complete assembly

Bug Restoration (Official Full Version)
VW Bug Restoration, from beginning to end!

VW T1 2275 stroker
Startup with new barrels-pistons, cam, lifters, modified valve seats and ports. Rew rew!! B-)

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