Premier Hazard MAXIM90 Dutch Police lightbar

Just a short video, this Dutch police MAXIM90 turning with the STOP POLICE LEDsign activated as well. Other options will be filmed later ;)

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Premier Hazard Maxim 90 dutch police
My Premier Hazard maxim 90 from a dutch police car

US Copcars passing by a Dutch Burger King takeout window
31 August 2014: After a nice day with friends at the 112 on Wheels event in Venlo, The Netherlands, back in august 2014, and after a little snack at the nearby Burger King, this was a very funny closure for all involved! Passing by the takeout window, not for a burger or doughnut however.... we got BK Crowns, even the Caprice drivers ;) Thanks to the crew of Burger King Venlo for playing along! Dallas Police Department Chevrolet Caprice Los Angeles Police Department Chevrolet Caprice Los Angeles Police Department Plymouth Grand Fury Florida Highway Patrol Chevrolet Caprice New York Police Department Chevrolet Caprice Manhattan Beach K9 Ford Crown Vic CVPI Charlotte County Fire Department GMC Sierra 1500 All vehicles are privately owned and located in The Netherlands. Lights and Sirens were used off the public road and with permission of the BK manager at the scene ;) Any and all duplication, redistribution, reposting at different locations is prohibited, without prior consent of the author and owner, punishable by law. All rights reserved ©2015.

Federal Signal Aerodynic model 25RWL-I police specs
This latest addition to my collection is the best in 20 years of collecting: New In Box, new Old stock, from the late 80's, never used, still in the original packaging, this Model 25RWL-I "wrecker" model differs from most wreckers in that it has blue lenses! According to the seller, this came along with a Ford wreckertruck from the USA, ordered for the Rotterdam Policeforce, but they decided to go with Whelen Edge's on the towtrucks instead. This box had been catching dust for over 20 years, best box I've ever found to add to my collection! NOT FOR SALE!!

cps Authority Most asked questions review and basic install setup on emergency Lighting
This is a video answering the questions that many viewers have been asking me about my POV lights. If you have a different question that I did not answer in this video feel free to send me a message and ask, If I don't know the answer I'll do whatever I can to find an answer for you and I may even make a video on it!