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Premier Hazard MAXIM90 Dutch Police lightbar

Just a short video, this Dutch police MAXIM90 turning with the STOP POLICE LEDsign activated as well. Other options will be filmed later ;)


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Federal Signal JetSonic Lightbar
Refurbished JetSonic lightbar from my collection.

Tomar 925 Lightbar
Tomar 925 Lightbar with Rear Strobe Traffic Advisor

Inwazja LEDów w Policji vol. III - FroggerTV
Ostatnia część "Inwazji LEDów" jest podsumowaniem wykorzystanego oświetlenia i nagłośnienia w nowych radiowozach warmińsko-mazurskich policjantów. Więcej informacji tutaj: http://eLightbars.pl/pdf/inwazja_ledow_w_policji.pdf Pragnę serdecznie podziękować Zespołowi Prasowemu Komendy Wojewódzkiej Policji w Olsztynie: Pani nadkom. Annie Fic Pani Izabeli Niedźwieckiej Panu sierż. Dawidowi Stefańskiemu oraz Koordynatorowi Zespołu Ruchu Drogowego Komendy Wojewódzkiej Policji w Olsztynie Panu asp. Sławomirowi Świderskiemu za okazaną pomoc przy organizacji sesji fotograficznej i przychylność.

2007 Ford Police Interceptor LFL Liberty Lightbar
2007 Ford Police Interceptor outfitted by SWPS.com - Southwest Public Safety. Whelen R/B LFL Lightbar with flashing takedowns/alleys. Amber directional arrow in back of lightbar. Whelen Cencom Gold series Switch Box/Traffic Advisor/Siren. Whelen SA314P BHG. Code 3 700 HLF. Hide away strobes in reverse/tail/front marker lights. Whelen Grille strobes and Whelen DKRS amber deck strobes. Courtesy of Terrell Hills Police Department, Texas.

code 3 mastercom & mx7000 lightbar b/c/r
this is my Code 3 MasterCom siren controlling the Code 3 MX7000 lightbar in my collection. the lightbar is all-light with 5 rotators (4 normal-speed, 1 fast center) intersections frontflashers (that can be switched to steady-burn) takedowns for the siren i used a 1W 2,5k Ohm resistor in series to the speaker to reduce the volume. the siren is in hit'n'go-mode (manual button switches sirensound for 7 seconds) THIS LIGHTBAR IS NOT FOR SALE. TRY ebay.com OR sirennet.com FOR THAT STUFF! THERE ARE USED LIGHTBARS ON EBAY! I'm from Germany and I collect lightbars. I don't sell them!

Lifeliner-1 PH-MAA ANWB Traumahelicopter bij AMC Amsterdam heliport
EC-135 PH-MAA callsign "Lifeliner One" arriving and lifting off from the new helispot at the Amsterdam's AMC Hospital. Normally the traumahelicopters fly into accidents to assist with specialized trauma physicians and nurses without actually flying out a patient. On this instance, apparently due to the nature of the emergency, the patient was lifted from the incident site and brought over into the waiting ambulance, for the small stretch to the AMC. Video made with Iphone, not the best quality.

Federal Signal Jetstrobe Vermont State Police Lightbar [Front]
This is a new addition to my collection. It's a Federal Signal Jetstrobe lightbar recently retired from duty by the Vermont State Police due to upgrading to LED lightbars [Front view]

vector vama federal signal lightbar amber/blue/white/
de coté !!!

Split lens DASHLASER
split lens dashlaser

How to make Disco Party Time with my Caprices MX7000 and other lights :D
Daytime and nighttime shots of the lights on my Caprice, making some nice light flashes which could very well serve for any party!!

Tomar Police Lights 930L LED Lightbar Flash Patterns
This has been moved to my new channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktmTXHm5u7s&feature=channel_page Lightbar for sale: http://www.responderpse.com/d62-Tomar-930L-6407-64in-LED-Lightbar.htm

Fire engines responding
4 fire engines left turn from Lime Street to Fuk Tsuen Street 17 Jan 09 1st truck: 2000 MAN LE160C Major Rescue Unit Fleet no.: F290 Lightbar: Premier Hazard Maxim Siren: Premier Hazard, maybe 6700D 2nd truck: 2002 Scania P94D Hydraulic Platfrom Fleet no.: F347 Bodywork: SK Fire Platform: Magirus Simon Lightbar: Premier Hazard Optimax Siren: Premier Hazard, maybe 6700D 3rd truck: 2002 Dennis Sabre Major Pump Fleet no. F402 Bodywork: Carmichael Engine: Cummins 6CTA Lightbar: Premier Hazard Maxim Siren: Premier Hazard 6009 4th truck: 2000(?) Scania 124G 6x4 Turntable Ladder Fleet no.: F283 Bodywork: Magirus Ladder: Magirus DLK52 Siren: Permier Hazard 6009

Lifeliner 4 Traumahelicopter lifting off at AMC hospital Amsterdam
06-06-2013, Lifeliner 4, stationed at the Groningen hospital, was assisting Lifeliner 1 at a large incident, north of Amsterdam. The medic crew rode along in the ambulance to the AMC hospital, where Lifeliner 4 awaited their return. Because of the distrance flown, a refuel was first needed. As they were out of their operating area, I could offer some assistance buy contacting my work and after that the heliport Amsterdam to check if they would be open for a Lifeliner refuelling, they were. After liftoff the Lifeliner 4 proceeded towards the Amsterdam Heliport on a direct track through the Schiphol CTR Controlzone.

WhelenTIR3 Patterns
For a customer to show some of the patterns on Whelen TIR3 red red combo

The Emergency Services Show 2008 Stoneleigh Park - Skoda Police Car - Premier Hazard LED Lightbar
The Emergency Services Show 2008 Stoneleigh Park - Skoda Police Car - Premier Hazard Lightbar

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