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Premier Hazard MAXIM90 Dutch Police lightbar

Just a short video, this Dutch police MAXIM90 turning with the STOP POLICE LEDsign activated as well. Other options will be filmed later ;)


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Whelen Liberty LED Lightbar
Whelen Liberty LED Lightbar http://www.sirennet.com/ledliberty.html The new LFL Liberty features the next generation, all Linear-LED technology in a warning package that rivals strobe inimpact, but provides heavy-duty, long life operation with low, low current draw. All Liberty lightbars are made for the rough treatment and long hours that your job demands. � Up to 14 Linear-LED�s - choose from any combination of Red, Blue, Clear and Amber. � Optional LED Alley lights � Optional LED Take Down lights � All Linear-LED ultra bright, ultra wide-angle LED technology. � Sleek, aerodynamic profile with state of the art optics. � Scanlock technology allows you to change flash patterns on the fly. � Low current operation uses small diameter external cable harness. � Traffic Advisor and cruise light features included. (requires optional LED modules) � Traffic Advisor Control available below. � Upgradeable with additional premium (6 LED version) inboard linear LED's that quickly snap into your existing wiring harness.

Off Road Jeep & Vehicle LED Light Bars - LAMPHUS ® Cruizer ™ Product Review & Night Drive Demo
http://www.online-led-store.com The LAMPHUS® Cruizer™ offroad LED lightbar is the perfect auxiliary light for off road vehicles, ATV, and motorcycles. In additional to off road usage, the Cruizer™ could also be used under demanding environment including construction, material handling, agricultural, forestry, and other applications where a reliable light output would be needed. Incredibly resistant to dust, water, shock, and vibration, the Cruizer™ comes with an over-sized cast aluminum heat sink while illuminating the terrain with CREE® LEDs. The Cruizer™ is available in spot (30°) and flood (60°) variations. Sizes include: 4", 7", 12", 20" & 36". For any inquiries, please email us at support@online-led-store.com

Dutch police chasing a car thief
From the Dutch TV program "wegmisbruikers". Police: VW Passat variant 3.2 FSI (250bhp) Idiot: Mercedes C-Class Crime: Steeling the Mercedes and driving around with fake license plates

Coordinated Emergency Lighting System from Code 3
Imagine taking the programmability of a lightbar and applying it to all of the emergency vehicle lighting. Introducing the CELS system from Code 3.

Light Bar Collection Part 1 {720p}
Last time I updated these, I had just gotten the MX7000 and Jetsonic. A lot has changed since. the collection has grown, and I'm happy with how it is at the moment. A few of you have asked for a video showing them. Well, I tried making A video using Windows Movie maker, however thankfully that 40 MINUTE video did not render correctly.With that, I was determined to get my Vegas program back, and I did. I also realiezed, as much as I love my bars and watchign videos of others lights... a 40 minute video was out of question. The best I could do, was to split the files into 2 videos, a "mini" light video, and a fulls size light video. UPDATE: I now have a Fat Boys products 100 amp power supply. So far, I've run a total of 21 rotators and two flashers, and the strobes at once In this video i show my: Federal Signal Firebeam(s) Whellen Dashking 2000 LED Code 3 Dashlazer So. VP fireball Wolo Aurora Federal Signal Highlighter Whellen Edge 10000 B Link *now have the MCP01 controller, adn it ROCKS! Smith and Wesson 8884

[maandcompilatie] 40x ambulancedienst met spoed in juni 2014
Mijn vangst van de maand juni 2014: 40x ambulancedienst Rotterdam-rijnmond met spoed naar meldingen in Rotterdam en omstreken.

VTB-opleiding: Ambulancebegeleiding "De Yp" naar Bronovo SEH 10-07-2014
Een oefenrit ambulancebegeleiding gefilmd vanuit de ambulance tijdens de VTB-opleiding. Naast de chauffeur van de ambulance zit de instructeur. Bij aankomst op bestemming zal de rit nabesproken worden. Dit gebeurt niet alleen tijdens de opleiding maar ook de echte ritten worden na afloop besproken. Tijdens deze rit is mooi te zien dat het verkeer op de Utrechtsebaan (A12) mooi reageert op de motorrijders en plaats maken. Hierdoor kan de ambulance middendoor komen zonder zelf abrupt te hoeven remmen of sturen. De eerste motorrijder voor de ambulance is de commandant. De commandant geeft aan zijn spitsers door wat zijn afstand van de kruising is, zijn snelheid en de kleur van de verkeerslichten. Verder geeft hij via handgebaren aan de ambulancechauffeur door of de snelheid omhoog of omlaag moet, of er oneffenheden in de weg zitten en wanneer er van rijstrook of richting gewisseld moet worden. De spitsers geven door welke rijstrook er bereden moet worden voor de kruising en andere bijzonderheden m.b.t. de route.

Onboard video A1 spoedrit METR / Sanquin
April 2013 Onboard video A1 rit naar Sanquin Bloedbank met MET-012 (Medical Emergency Transport METR), vervolg rit met Sanquin Touran A1 naar Amstelveen. Spits op de A9, vluchtstrook niet overal beschikbaar ivm werkzaamheden, het Duitse "Rettungsgasse" principe werkt ook hier prima. Telefoongesprekken zijn ge-mute. Medical Emergency Transport Reuser METR levert chauffeurs t.b.v. het transport van de producten van Sanquin Bloedbank. Onboard video of a code3 (A1) ride, from home address to the bloodbank with Medical Emergency Transport (METR) unit, then hop into a bloodbank vehicle and continue code3 towards the hospital with the bloodproduct. The traffic jam on the highway is normally passed on the rightshoulder, it was partially unavailable due to work in progress, the Germany principle was used by "sneeking in" lanes 1 and 2. Telephone conversations have been muted. Medical Emergency Transport METR supplies drivers to Sanquin Bloodbank for all scheduled and unscheduled blood-transports. © René Foppes all rights reserved / verspreiding of kopiëren niet toegestaan zonder toestemming , mits URL link en youtube user wordt vermeld

2011-2012 Dodge Charger Police Package with Emergency Lights and Rear Flasher
2011 Dodge Charger (Hemi) Police Package. This install was done in-house. I recomend Tactical Auto Outfitters in Bentonville AR for professional installs. This car is equiped with the following lights ***(for less than the price of a regular lightbar)*** ... All lights- Sho-Me Front- 4 Luminator Quad Lights Model 12.5004 2- Luminator Dash Pro Lights (W/visor mounts) model 12.5104 1- Factory installed wig-wag for headlights. Side- 2 Luminator Trio Lights Model 12.5003 Rear- 2 Luminator Trio Lights Model 12.5003 1- Stop / Turn / Tail LED Flasher Model 11.1005STT.CHG (for rear running lights) 1-Chameleon LED Signal Stick Model 11.2741CH (BBWBBWBB) Note- The flasher on the rear running light is overridden by the brake light. So, when you apply the brakes the flasher stops and the entire light bar now becomes a brake light. The "Chameleon LED Stick" on the rear dash doubles as a lightbar/ arrow stick. Also in the car is Sho-Me Slim Speaker Model 30.0200 Generation II Four Function Undercover Siren Model 30.2504 Six Function Switch Box Model 05.6040 Jotto Desk "Space Saver Partition Vertical Gun Lock and Mount Horizontal Console with faceplates, cup holder, and arm rest. (This console allows full function of factory cd player, usb/headphone port, dual cigerette lighter plugs, and all radio/climate controls.) (This video is intended to aid anyone researching light or other equipment options for their police car. Non-constructive negative comments will not be approved. Our main thoughts while equipping this car were Officer Safety and Taxpayer money. Not only is the car well equiped, it was done for less money than most regular police cars. Time was donated for the install and large discounts were arranged by us with some vendors. Bottom line, it works good, looks nice, and was very cost effective.

LAMPHUS® SolarBlast™ 36" 32W LED Traffic Advisor Emergency Vehicle Strobe Warning Lightbar Part II
http://www.online-led-store.com This LAMPHUS® SolarBlast™ SBTA84 36" 32W LED Emergency Vehicle Strobe Warning Lightbar with Traffic Advising Functions is composed of eight high intensity LED light blocks for an intensely bright warning signal. This unit comes complete with a Quick Directional Controller which can advance the unit to one of its three directional flash patterns with a press of a button (Left, Right, or Center Out). With 19 selectable flash patterns and being suitable to be mounted to vehicle of all sizes, this versatile strobe light unit will grant emergency personnel with the ability to alert oncoming automobiles with the correct flow of traffic. For any inquiries, please email us at support@online-led-store.com

2007 F150 Emergency Lights
Updated vid of the lights in my truck...and higher quality than the last. Front: Undercover Vizor UV30 Red/Red, Galls Dual TN Red/Red, 2 Axixtech SLED3s Red Side (per side): 2 Axixtech SLED3s Red, 1 Axixtech SLED4 Red/White Rear: 4 Axixtech SLED3s Red Siren: Code 3 V-Con Siren w/ 100W Galls Concealment Speaker

SoundOff nFORCE Exterior Lightbar Demo
http://www.sirennet.com/sonforce.html The SoundOff nFORCE Exterior Lightbar is an innovative solution that combines next generation design with attention grabbing performance. Gone is the boxy police car design of yesterday, replaced by the bold new looks of today's police vehicles. With its minimized size, aerodynamic design and accentuated shapes, nFORCE takes its visual cues from the sleek appearance and body styles of today's new police vehicles. We know that getting home safely to your family is what is most important to you. That is why nFORCE delivers much more than great looks. Nexus Technology provides powerful forward facing and off-axis illumination to optimize traffic control while keeping you safe and secure. Inboard LED module options include any combination of single color 6 or 9 LED, dual color 12 LED or tri-color 18 LED counts. Corner LED module options: any combination of single color 12 or 18 LED, dual color 24 LED or tri-color 30 LED counts. Comes with 6-LED Take Downs, and 3-LED Alley Lights are standard. Cruise mode is also standard. A rear traffic arrow option is available. Windows PC App software makes programming easy. Features: Inboard LED module options: any combination of single color 6 or 9 LED, dual color 12 LED or tri-color 18 LED counts. Corner LED module options: any combination of single color 12 or 18 LED, dual color 24 LED or tri-color 30 LED counts. "All white" forward facing modules option for intense scene lighting. 6-LED Take Downs, 3-LED Alley Lights standard. Manual dimming capability for nighttime use. Cruise mode is standard. Ability to shut down complete front or rear inboard and select corner modules. Rear arrow option available. Available in 24", 36", 42", 48", 54", 60" and 72" lengths Windows PC App software for ease of programming. Specifications: Number of LEDs and Current Draw (Peak/Average) Inboard Module: 6 LED Single Color: less than 1.0A @ 12.8Vdc 9 LED Single Color: less than 1.5A @ 12.8Vdc 12 LED Dual Color: less than 1.0A @ 12.8Vdc 18 LED Tri-Color: less than 1.0A @ 12.8Vdc Corner Module: 12 LED Single Color: less than 2.0A @ 12.8Vdc 18 LED Single Color: less than 3.0A @ 12.8Vdc 24 LED Dual Color: less than 2.0A @ 12.8Vdc 30 LED Tri Color: less than 2.0A @ 12.8Vdc Takedown: 6-LED Takedown: less than 1.0A @ 12.8Vdc Alley: 3-LED Alley: less than 0.5A @ 12.8Vdc Number of LEDs and Wattage (Average) Inboard Module: 6 LED Single Color: less than 6.4W @ 12.8Vdc 9 LED Single Color: less than 9.6W @ 12.8Vdc 12 LED Dual Color: less than 6.4W @ 12.8Vdc 18 LED Tri-Color: less than 6.4W @ 12.8Vdc Corner Module: 12 LED Single Color: less than 12.8W @ 12.8Vdc 18 LED Single Color: less than 19.2W @ 12.8Vdc 24 LED Dual Color: less than 12.8W @ 12.8Vdc 30 LED Tri Color: less than 12.8W @ 12.8Vdc Takedown: 6-LED Takedown: less than 12.8W (steady ON) @ 12.8Vdc Alley: 3-LED Alley: less than 6.4W (steady ON) @ 12.8Vdc Flash Patterns: Warning: 25, Takedown/Alley: 9 and Arrow L/C/R: 4 Operating Temperature: -40°C to +65°C Mounting: Standard hook bracket mount with angle adjustment Headache rack mount Permanent mount Magnetic mount (24" version only) Dimensions: Lengths: 24", 36", 42", 48", 54", 60" and 72" Depth: 12" Height: 2.55" (bar only) Certifications: SAE J845, J575 SoundOff 5 Year Warranty

Dutch Police Whelen Edge EB6 strobe lightbar
Whelen Edge9000 lightbar in Dutch police configuration. EB6 powersupply, LED textsigns front and rear, lowdown alleylights and one takedown light. This version has no speaker on top like previous models had

Inwazja LEDów w Policji vol. III - FroggerTV
Ostatnia część "Inwazji LEDów" jest podsumowaniem wykorzystanego oświetlenia i nagłośnienia w nowych radiowozach warmińsko-mazurskich policjantów. Więcej informacji tutaj: http://eLightbars.pl/pdf/inwazja_ledow_w_policji.pdf Pragnę serdecznie podziękować Zespołowi Prasowemu Komendy Wojewódzkiej Policji w Olsztynie: Pani nadkom. Annie Fic Pani Izabeli Niedźwieckiej Panu sierż. Dawidowi Stefańskiemu oraz Koordynatorowi Zespołu Ruchu Drogowego Komendy Wojewódzkiej Policji w Olsztynie Panu asp. Sławomirowi Świderskiemu za okazaną pomoc przy organizacji sesji fotograficznej i przychylność.

Chris disassembles a Whelen 500 V-Series 3-In-1 Super-LED Lighthead
http://www.sirennet.com/wh5v3.html The Whelen 500 Series has already proven it is the perfect size for applications all over your vehicle. Now with the added features of the V-Series lighthead, you can take advantage of three planes of light in this one small light. The combination of 180° Class I warning, flood/alley take-down and ground puddle light, all with HDO High Definition Optics, provide remarkable light intensity wherever it is needed. Multipe Scan-Lock flash patterns plus steady-burn and synchronize feature for the warning segment of this lighthead. Ideal for intersection lighting whether mounted on the push bumper or grille. Pack a punch with attention-demanding performance that can be installed at a lower level on any vehicle. Features: Three-in-one combination light for warning, flood/alley and ground illumination in one remarkably compact surface mount lighthead. 180° wide-angle warning light for Class I SAE 845 requirements. Color LEDs with clear outer lens. Hard-coated lenses with HDO technology for unmatched high intensity warning. Scan-Lock flash patterns plus steady-burn and synchronize feature for the warning segment of this lighthead. Warning available in Red, Amber, Blue and White. Steady-burn White for alley/flood lighting plus White ground illumination. Requires one of the many optional mounting kits, purchased separately. Dimensions: 5.375" L x 2.1875" W x 1.625" H. Whelen Five Year HDP Heavy-Duty Professional Warranty

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