TE37 Super Lap

Fresh out of the box.. TE37 Super Lap.. Specs: 17x9.5 +28 (Concave Face) // 17x8.5 +40 (Flat Face, Not in video)

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First set of Bulletproof Automotive exclusive gold Volk Racing TE37 Ultras in Washington state that we know of being mounted and balanced for our GTR. We wanted to thank Bo Kim from Bulletproof Automotive for helping us source all of our JDM parts and helping us with our builds. He’s always been very helpful and knowledgable. Make sure to contact Bo for all of your aftermarket needs. We also wanted to thank Karl and Amy of Tight-n-Tidy Racing for taking great care of these wheels for us during the mounting and balancing process. They took their time and paid attention to every little detail, making sure they didn’t get scratched and balancing all of them down to 0. Make sure to contact them for all of your mounting and balancing needs. Sinematiks, LLC Website: sinematiks.com Bulletproof Automotive Website: bulletproofautomotive.com Bo Kim Office: 213.745.6954 Email: bo@bulletproofautomotive.com Tight-n-Tidy Racing Website: tightntidyracing.com Office: 425.235.9382 Cell: 206.251.7413 Email: karl.coleman@comcast.net a.e.coleman@comcast.net Filmed with: Canon 5D Mark III Licensed Soundtrack: “Winner” – Sebastien Greenberg

TE37SL (long ver.)

TE37SL (short ver.)

Volk Racing TE37 Rays Japan
The Volk Racing TE37 is one of the most popular aftermarket wheels of all time. Originally debuting in the late 90's this wheel has been put on domestics, exotics and obviously Japanese wheels. The characteristics of the simple 6 spoke design really make it a universal wheel, pair this with the forging manufacturing process, a variety of different colours and fitments and you get one of the most sought after wheel designs ever. Revwerks is your premier distributor of all Volk Racing Wheels, including gram-light, Rays, volk racing, 57 motorsport's, versus, eco drive gear, waltz forged and Homura. Contact Revwerks today for more information regarding wheel availability as well as pricing.