1964 Ford Falcon Dragcar

This was a car built by Barret auto care (Barret, Greg, Danny, Leslie and others). This was the first time the car had been run, and was foiled by a loose distributor cap shortly after launch. It coasted to the finish line from about the 1/8th mile mark. The reason for the sissy burnout is that the car was also missing reverse gear at the time. Unfortunately, they were not able to run the car again, as it was auctioned later that night as part of The discovery channel's "Texas Car Wars" Series.

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'64 Falcon All Ford Drags Cliff Hall
Cliff Hall of Hall Bros. racing his 1964 Ford Falcon at the All Ford Drags @ Sacramento Raceway - April 14, 2013

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1964 Falcon 427 Prostreet
64 falcon 427 Dart Windsor just finished restoration. First time out of the shop testing. Ford 9" 4.10, Mustang II front suspension. Soon will be Vortech SC and NOS plate

2016 Ford Everest Full Review
2016 Ford Everest Taking a bold step to redefine the SUV market in Asia Pacific and beyond, Ford unveiled the new Ford Everest, a technologically advanced, stunningly capable and refined seven seat SUV that will be launched in 2015. In Asia Pacific, the Ford Everest will be available in nine markets: China, Australia, New Zealand, India, and markets across the ASEAN region. Ford will also introduce the rugged SUV to Sub Saharan Africa and South Africa in 2015. "The new Ford Everest is an exceptionally versatile vehicle, equally prepared for the everyday commute as it is for the most extreme off road terrain," said Dave Schoch, president, Ford Asia Pacific. "The Everest's unique blend of tough capability and exceptional comfort is going to resonate with drivers across Asia Pacific and around the world." With a rugged, sculptural design that reflects its unshakeable toughness and technological prowess, the new Ford Everest blends strength, smart features and style to bring consumers a tough and versatile SUV with true off road capability. In addition to surprising and delighting fans of rugged off road SUV's, the new Ford Everest embodies Ford's fun to drive DNA to deliver rewarding and dynamic on road handling, offering no compromises on refinement and comfort. "The Ford Everest will help to expand our product footprint in the region with a tough and refined vehicle that enables drivers, their families, friends and colleagues to go anywhere comfortably whether on urban roads or far off the beaten track, " said Trevor Worthington, vice president, Product Development, Ford Asia Pacific. "From the EcoSport to the Everest, our SUV portfolio in Asia Pacific offers something for everyone." Led by Ford's Asia Pacific design and product development teams, and making use of Ford's global SUV expertise, the new Ford Everest builds on the reputation of the current Ford Everest, which is praised for its durability and versatility. The new Ford Everest will be available in both rear wheel drive and four wheel drive variants depending on specific market demand. "The new Ford Everest represents an epic commitment on the part of the Ford Motor Company to meet and exceed high customer expectations," said Worthington. "From the very beginning we set aggressive targets, and with the Ford Everest we have truly raised the bar for this type of vehicle in design and capability, with advanced technologies for a smarter, safer and more capable vehicle at a very attractive price."