cold air intake on a mazda mx6

cold air intake on a mazda mx6

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Mazda mx 6 KLZE
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Ported Intake Manifold VS stock comparrison: MX-6 2.5 V6 (KLG4)
Upgrade for KLDE with KLG4 Intake manifold, comparing unmodified and modified manifold and KL47 Throttle body. This fits 93-97 Mazda MX-6 , 626 and Ford Probe GT Where it all started :

MX6 V6: cold air intake under the battery
Previously Had the pod filter/ short ram intake directly in frot of the radiator, decided to redirect it under the battery further away from the hot air. I feel an improvement in engine response. Eventually I'll do a battery relocation to the trunk and have the intake right behind the head light for even better results.

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