SNSD Funny Moments

Brighten up your entire life in just 11:43 min! Enjoy! I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING OF THIS VIDEO NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED!

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SNSD Funny Moments
★★ALL INFOS IN HERE★★ Hier sind nur ein paar Lustige Videos von SNSD! Here are just a couple of funny videos form SNSD! Ich hoffe es gefällt euch ♥ ^-^ I hope you enjoy it ♥ ^-^ ---- Part 2 : Part 3 : ---- Song : Into the new World by Girls' Generation ---- Girls' Generation is the famous Girl-Group from South Korea. The 9 singers called : Yuri , Yoona , Taeyeon , Jessica , Tiffany , Sunny , Hyoyeon , Sooyoung , Seohyun ---- Follow me on Twitter : Follow me on Instagram : Follow me on Tumblr : Follow me on Google+ : ---- Follow a schoolmate of mine :

SNSD can't stand laughing at Hyoyeon's Jokes :)

SNSD Try not to laugh challenge. [Hardest Version]
Rules for the challenge: 1. You must keep a straight face at all time. If even a grin is shown, you lose the challenge. 2.From the beginning of the video, you must have a timer. You have to time yourself to see how long you lasted in the challenge. 3. Post a comment of your time. 4. If more than 1 person is doing the challenge, the one with the shortest time will have a punishment. (Punishment will be decided within the challengers.) The video was edited with my zero editing skills. If it's all over the place and messy, please forgive me haha. Reminder: All videos are not mine. I just put them together to make this challenge. Credits to the original video owners. NO COPYRIGHTS INTENDED.

You Will Laugh Till You FART - World's FUNNIEST Compilation
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