Hyundai Elantra Street Race

My friend decieded to speed down a side street. Note: No one was street racing. And I was not driving. I'm the one who called him a dumbass.

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LADIES' NIGHT - First Turbo Hyundai Elantra drag pass
I wish there were more. I need an event that offers enough opportunity to experiment and gather better data, but this pass is where it all begins. Multiple equipment failures, multiple driver errors, multiple grievances, but the car did great! It did exactly what I told it to do. It was set just barely at 16 PSI. I didn't change the street tires it's daily-driven on for grippier drag slicks. I am not using launch control. I am not trying to cut a perfect light. I'm trying to go from A to B without red-lighting just to make sure it will do it, and to see how all my new gear behaves. There's plenty of stuff here to improve on. The event was absolutely terrible, and my video edits are trying to make the best out of otherwise bad circumstances and poor quality and quantity of footage. To all of you steering wheel grip fanatics, I am 6' 4" tall. I barely fit in this car. When I look both ways at a stop sign, the seat is adjusted so far back to get the steering wheel out of my sternum that I am looking out the back windows for oncoming traffic, but the seat doesn't move far enough back for me to grip it at 10/2 or 9/3, plus it's a manual transmission so 2 hands is out of the question. I grab the wheel in a way that gives my gangly long arms enough room to safely steer the wheel in its full range of motion. Stop complaining about nothing.

Hyundai Assembly 6 - Manifolds & Turbo
I love music videos. They're so much easier to narrate. I don't want to upset anyone by not providing commentary about what I'm doing or where this build is going... and this is the video where all that stuff comes together. Quite frankly, I missed you. I really enjoy these little talks we share. In this video is a little fabrication, maintenance, comparison and assembly. Un-boxings, cleanup, break-fix... Variety! You know... The stuff that keeps happening as you wrap up any build. It's not a longblock until it has manifolds, and a turbo build has a few more things than just that in order to make it complete. My attention has now turned towards preparing the chassis and accessories for installation and I promise there will be more involved videos following this one for the hardcore auto techs. Whether you're watching or wrenching on this one, all this stage does is create anxiety for wanting to hurry up and finish the install, but don't rush. Do it right! These are the non-reusable parts for the turbo install. ALL of the other part numbers in the video were shown: MF241255 x2 Oil Drain Bolts (upper) MF101229 x2 Oil Drain Bolts (lower) MF660031 x2 Oil Drain Gasket (washer) MR258477 x2 Oil Drain Gasket (flange) MF660064 x2 Oil Feed Crush Washer (turbo) MF660063 x2 Oil Feed Crush Washer (head) MF660065 x4 Coolant Crush Washer (turbo) MD132656 x4 turbo Bolt (M10 x 80 x 1.25mm) MD132933 x8 turbo Spring Washers Thank you all for keeping up with this build. Thanks especially for the kind comments and interest in this project! You guys are the best!

Marching Band Usher
rerelease of my marching band arrangement of Usher's Yeah

Marching Band Bailamos- Enrique Iglesias
arranged for marching band in 2004 or 2005 released today... this is the second release of this arrangement. the program i used to render my arrangements rendered the original release in the wrong key.