BMW 3.0 CSL (E9) feature from 'Deals on Wheels' in 2000

Mike Brewer would be unrecognizable here if it weren't for his inimitable cheeky east-end car salesman patter. Do what?! Could you really pick up a CSL in 2000 for £2k? I think Mr. Brewer is talking about a regular E9. Gertcha! Interesting choice of filming locations; a noisy chemical factory. Apologies for the appalling quality of this vid. If I were you I wouldn't stand for it.

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BMW E9 bodywork and full respray.
Fibreglass and resin are suitable for repairing yachts and those vehicles that were originally made of this material. However, for lasting auto body repairs we offer traditional skills in high quality metalwork and panel fabrication.

Auto Trader_Season 1_Episode 3_Part1/3

Deals on Wheels E30 M3 from Germany
Mike Brewer buys an E30 M3 from Germany. deals on wheels.

BMW E9 3 0 cs part 1 Restauration
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