99 Dodge Cummins Cooper AT/3 Discovery Tires

99 Dodge Cummins testing out the new cooper AT/3 tires after a big snow.

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Cooper Discoverer at3 before and after review
Replaced a set of Goodyear Wranglers with a full set of Cooper Discoverer AT3s. Previous set of Wranglers had very good tread on them but were horrible in wet and snowy conditions starting and stopping. The Discoverer AT3s are an excellent tire that will not break the bank and perform excellent in all weather conditions starting and stopping. These are also a much a quieter tire compared to my old wranglers and do not have a negative effect on fuel economy despite being a all terrain tire.

Cooper Puncture Test
As seen in issue 217 of 4WD Action magazine Cooper Tires conducted a test to see how lowering your tyre pressures when driving off road increases puncture resistance and how different types of tyre constructions come into play.

Duramax 4" Straight Piped
06' LBZ Duramax 4" straight piped. 6" fabtech lift kit with bald 35" toyo mud terrains. Edge chip, AEM brute force intake, Yukon Grizzly rear locker

Stuck in the snow overnight.
12 Jeeps and one Ford snow Wheeling December 28, 2008. The Motherlode Rockcrawlers found a couple with two small children(both in daipers) stuck in the snow. They had got stuck the day before and spent the night. They started a fire and ran the vehicle to stay warm. They had just a few snacks and not much to drink. These people were lucky help came along. A good reminder to never venture into the backcountry alone, especialy in the snow.