Mitsubishi Eclipse 3G 4x4 Turbo

mitsubishi evo8 4x4 awd brembo cutoff performance dave thibault eclipse 3g 2003 Dyno turbo 600 hp Boost 1st run on Dyno

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Mike's S/C Eclipse Launching
Mike Launching his Supercharged Eclispe. Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry Storm

MOD 2010 - Mitsubishi Owner's Day
This is a video highlighting the 2010 Mitsubishi Owner's Day (MOD), held annually in Cypress, CA. Anyone who owns a Mitsubishi is encouraged to attend!

2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse Fully Loaded.wmv
SOLD-2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse Fully Loaded has Lambo doors,full bodykit,HIDs,20"MSR rims.........

gOT THE CALL 6 am this morning young man wasn,t sure exactly where his car was but he new it was somewhere in ocean park . I drove north of ocean park anout 2 miles and found it stuffed up against the stump . He launched it off a grassy burm about 50 feet of the paved road . Sheriffs Department had no one on so I went back to town for coffee and met up with the deputy an hour later .