Odyssey vs Corolla

Street cars racing at Edgewater, including Honda Odyssey in race against Toyota Corolla.

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Grand Caravan Vs. Honda Odyssey
yet another minivan run on panther drive! frixton-dodge grand caravan STOCK andrew-honda odyssey VTEC! lol

Honda Odyssey vs Subaru WRX STi Nurburgring GT5

Simon Pagenaud's Honda Odyssey Mini Van At 2013 Pikes Peak Hill Climb
As requested here is Simon Pagenaud's Honda Odyssey Mini Van. I will try and put together another video with more footage. I will be uploading much more footage!! Make sure to check out my other videos! Thank you for watching!

Honda accord 7th gen self diagnostics
Short obd-2 connector pins 4(ground) and 9(manufacturer reserved) to enter good old self diagnostics mode. Red light will flash the problem code. Sorry for the low quality. On the video I'm showing how did I short the pins and how abs led is giving me code 8-4 which stands for VSA Pressure Sensor Neutral Position.