Remote Control Electric Windows Closure on Rover 800 Coupe Alarm Key Fob

How to Close the Electric Windows with the Remote Control Key Fob on 1999 Rover 800 825 KV6 Coupe.

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Flooded Passenger Footwells? Wet Carpets? This could be the fix!
This is a video showing (just some of) the water we sucked up after my Rover 800 coupe sprung a leak resulting in the passenger side footwell being totally flooded. I had already removed the soaking wet carpet mats and had started to vacuum up some of the water before I decided I should video this! It will still take a few days to dry out completely as the foam backing on the carpets holds so much of the water! As soon as I had realised the footwell had flooded I had already guessed that this was being caused by the sunroof drainage tube overflowing due to it being blocked/slow flowing. How did I know this? That's easy - I had the same problem last year but that time it was on the Driver's side! The first time I had the problem, it took forever to locate where the water was actually coming from! After weeks of searching we realised it was a small drip from the front sunroof drainage tube where it comes inside the front wing just inside the footwell. The very small dripping was so hard to trace, but having found and cleaned the drivers side drainage tube, it was a problem no more. This time it was far easier to solve, as I already knew what would be the cause, so did not have to spend weeks checking the door/window/sunroof seals, or look behind the interior trim etc. I made this video just to show how quickly/much the car will flood if left unattended! I dealt with the leak as soon as I had realised the car had one, and yet I still managed to suck up about 10 litres of water! If you get the leak into the footwells the damage can be far worse on the passenger side due to the number of electrical control boxes located under the passenger seat. If these get wet or damaged, you might have the expense of replacing these items! These include the window and gearbox controls. Watch the video to the end, as I have shown the location of where the passenger side sunroof drainage tube comes into the car through the wing and then it goes out again. It might be worth you checking if your own ones are clear or not, as they do become blocked over time, and I have heard of other owners getting the electrics fried! If you do check/clear them, then it might be worthwhile to pull them out and just snip the end off the tube where it narrows right down, to decrease the chance of it re-occuring. Then when yo pop them back, use a bit of dumdum or silicone etc, to help keep them sealed. I have made the hole at the bottom wider now on both sides of my car, as I do not ever want it to happen again. There are also two rear drainage pipes hidden in the rear behind the trim in the boot. These are located either side of the car near the top of the shock absorbers. If these leak they may cause the boot to flood, but the front ones are the ones that are both harder to spot and harder to ignore! Have fun!

ELECTRIC WINDOWS/SUNROOF BEEPING? Car Fix. Program Drivers Door Switches. Rover 800 820 825 827
This is how to stop your windows and/or sunroof from beeping on your Rover 800. I needed to do the ones on my Rover 800 (Zircon Silver Coupe No.1) after reconnecting the battery. This will usually solve the beeping (although it normally takes a few more goes!). If the windows do still beep, then you may have to remove the door panels and use some spray grease on the cables/mechanicals! Sometimes the drivers switch pack may need resoldering, as they do suffer from dry solder joints on occassion. (as you have two switches on each window in every car, then if one does work and one does not, then it is worth resoldering the one that does not fully function). Also some owners do seem to suggest problems occuring as a result of bad connections in the main fuse box too! So if the above stuff fails it will do you no harm to have that resoldered too!

Young Clarkson pre clever dick, raving on 800!
Young Clarkson raving on Rover 800

Immobiliser Not Working? Car Won't Start! Key Fob Faulty? Bypass Alarm with Key!
Having tried the buttons, new batteries, resyncing the remote, and the spare key fob! etc.,'s time to enter the EKA (Emergency Key Access) Code to bypass the Alarm/Immobiliser! seen here on my Rover 800 Coupe!