Ohio Technical College Cummins 855 startup DT-210

Cummins 855 startup gone south!

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Cummins 855 Big Cam 1st start after rebuild
my 1st engine teardown and rebuild at OTC

my 855 cummins
my 855 cummins that i tore down and rebuilt with all the same parts. this is the first start up

Cummins Big Cam I first start in over a decade
An engine I bought as an upgrade replacement for the small cam motor I have that hadn't run since some time in the 90's. Once adequate battery power was provided it fired up without any assistance once it got fuel.

Cat 3406B 400HP eats a Cummins 855 cu. in. 400HP
Just screwing around at work. My brother is in front of me with his L9000 and I am driving the following L9000. I have an 2.5 extra ton on board, skipped gears while upshifting and wasn't on the carpet the whole time. That Cummins 855 he has was taxed to the max. My Cat was barely trying to keep up. Both are 400 horsepower, and I was heavier....Cat will ALWAYS take the win!