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Subaru Eyesight Test: Can You Crash it?
How good is Subaru's eyesight collision avoidance system? Watch as we test it out for you, and see the kids reaction. Does the puppy survive?! Join the Crew! Subscribe for VLOGs, Travel and Adventures Follow Us: Instagram: Twitter: facebook:

Subaru Eyesight collision test
Subaru's eyesight scores high.

Subaru Safety – Reverse Automatic Braking
Standard on 2017 Forester, Legacy, and Outback models equipped with the Technology Package, this system detects obstructions behind the vehicle and automatically applies the brakes when it judges that the risk of collision is high. Reverse auto braking also incorporates a rear obstruction warning feature, which signals drivers using different patterns of alarms according to the distance from the obstruction. Discover the Subaru Forester at Discover the Subaru Legacy at Discover the Subaru Outback at Learn more at Join the Subaru Canada community:

Subaru Pre-Collision Braking Demonstration
Subaru representatives provided a demonstration to show safety features and new technology 2/11/14-2/13/14. The demonstration was on campus at Cerritos College in the Automotive Technology building for over 120 people. Dealers and Cerritos members and students were able to test drive the 2014 Subaru Foresters equipped with the Subaru EyeSight technology. "We had a foam wall set up and instructed our participants to drive towards it at 20 mph without braking. Once the vehicle detects the wall, the technology reacts and stops the vehicle. We use this demonstration to show that the technology works," said Brian Friedman. Learn more at: onstration-at-cerritos-college-automotive.html