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Subaru Eyesight Test: Can You Crash it?
How good is Subaru's eyesight collision avoidance system? Watch as we test it out for you, and see the kids reaction. Does the puppy survive?! Join the Crew! Subscribe for VLOGs, Travel and Adventures Follow Us: Instagram: Twitter: facebook:

Subaru Eyesight collision test
Subaru's eyesight scores high.

Subaru EyeSight Test
Granddaughter Elizabeth and I test our Subaru Outback Eyesight system to see if it will auto brake for an object in the street.

Subaru Eyesight Pre-Collision Breaking: Does it work?
Visit to find a Subaru with Eyesight. **Please don't try to purposely activate your Pre-Collision Braking. We made this video so that you can see that it works, without putting you or your car at risk.** The Subaru Eyesight Pre-Collision Braking is a driver assistance technology that helps keep you and your loved ones safe out on the road. In this video, we put the pre-collision braking system works as we try to crash our 2018 Subaru Outback through a cardboard cutout obstacle. Make sure you read about the Eyesight system in your Owner's Manual so that you can properly understand the limitations of Eyesight. The Eyesight system is a Driver ASSIST technology and does not replace the need to drive safely. **When the difference in speed with the obstacle in front is ~30mph or more, it may not be possible to avoid a collision.**