Regal Polished and bumpers Installed

Finally got the smoothed bumpers and the grill done. Few coats of wax and some trim pieces and shes DONE!!

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2018 Buick Regal TourX Review: First Impressions
For the redesigned 2018 Regal, Buick has completely ditched the sedan body style for the Regal Sportback and the vehicle featured here, the Regal TourX wagon. The Regal TourX sits about a half-inch higher than its Sportback sibling, is about 3.5 inches longer, and comes with a lot cladding and standard all-wheel drive. Read more about the New York Auto Show on

Reaper231 Grand National Out for Prey!
What you don't see is the 2 cops sitting to left @ a gas Station taking care of a fender bender accident. Of course they didn't pursue the recklessness of one GN owner.

G-Body Buick Regal Fest This is for all my G-Body Buick Regal and Grand National fans !!!! G-Body Regals were produced from 78'-87' and Grand Nationals were produced from 82'-87'. The song is "It's A Gurantee" by AZ-IS

1200 HP Grand National burnout, Cars Fishtailing & Accelerating
DtRockstar1 records a series of cars accelerating away very loudly. You'll see a 1,200 horsepower Buick Grand National doing a burnout, two Cadillac CTS-V cars, Corvettes, and a Porsche accelerating and fishtailing. Facebook - Blog -​m/ Twitter:!/DtRockstar1 Razzi: