nscra PERRON rx7 street fd true street winner

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timemachines racing rotaries presents perron rx7
timemachines racing rotaries perron rx7 13b th350 chevy automatic transmission

timemachines racing rx7 perron rx7 13b automatic no nitrous drag radials no transbrake
built and tuned by timemachines racing rx7 perron rx7 13b automatic street rx7 on drag radial tires no Nitrous no transbrake

What its like owning a 3 Rotor 20B RX-7
I have one of the most amazing custom RX-7s in the world. I want to share my experience of owning and driving such a unique car. I explain where the engine came from, why its so special, and what it does to a Mazda RX-7

Mazda RX7 v Nissan Bluebird turbo Bathurst 1983
George Fury's Nissan Bluebird chasses the Allan Moffat Mazda RX7 driven by co driver Yoshimi Katayama during the 1983 Bathurst 1000