Slatina 2010 part1

Outdoor model exhibition in Slatina, Czech Republic. Watch the trucks fight their way through the deep water ;) . Tatra scale model trucks at their best...

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Models Brno 2008 Exhibition
Tatra models presented at Models Brno 2008 exhibition. PS: This video comes from the first day of the meeting. The next day, my brand new camcorder was stolen with the freshly recorded film footage.

Models Brno 2013
Traditional RC-models exhibition in Brno, Czech Republic.

Kopřivnické dny techniky 2015 - RC Tatra 1/14
Kopřivnické dny techniky (aka Days of technics in Koprivnice in English) is a presentation day of several technology companies and schools to attract young people to study technics. It was being held for the second time in Koprivnice, Czech Republic, on the famous testing polygon of Tatra trucks company. RC models were a part of the show. This video depicts the smaller RC models - scale 1/14

Models Brno 2015
Traditional RC-models exhibition in Brno, Czech Republic.