Slatina 2010 part1

Outdoor model exhibition in Slatina, Czech Republic. Watch the trucks fight their way through the deep water ;) . Tatra scale model trucks at their best... Follow at:

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***Many different military rc models in motion!! Enjoy watching*** © Thomas Petschel, RC RC RC!!! ------ RC Panzer, RC Militärfahrzeuge, RC Tank, RC Panzer Tiger, RC Kettenfahrzeuge, bridge layer tank, RC Raketenwerfer, LARS-2 Multiple-Launch Rocket System on MAN Truck

Heavy construction! LKW Globliner in the mud! Stunning Kiro K700 lorryTruck rescue!Rc volvo 2017
Fantastic & heavy rc resuce action! amazing new Globliner stuck in the mud! Heavy toys on this construction. The strong kiro 6x6 save the new globliner. This heavy scale truck stuck in the slush ! cazy rc live action with amazing vehicles! The Liebherr 970 Excavator wait on the gravel mine . See this fantastic rc video with the best rc machines on te heavy construction. So much fun in the mud! Crazy construction zone is the biggest for r/c in the world Amazing volvo L250G with new big tires! Heavy lorry stuck so deep! New construction LKW machines 2017 in the mine! Thanks a lot for sharing, commenting, subscribing and thumbs up. Hi guys! I am very happy about your positive feedback. Please click the" bell" next to the button of subscription. receive all information about my movies. All this models work hard on the mine, and makes so much fun! All models are self made or rebuild. Check out my other videos! __Social Media__ ᐅ My Homepage: ᐅ Twitter: ᐅ Facebook:

Models Brno 2008 Exhibition
Tatra models presented at Models Brno 2008 exhibition. Follow at: PS: This video comes from the first day of the meeting. The next day, my brand new camcorder was stolen with the freshly recorded film footage.

First Gear Trucks (READ DESCRIPTION!)
Here are my first gear trucks! Hope you like the video. Most of these trucks have been made by me. Like the Curbtender and Scorpion. I did modify that Ray Bros. hopper to made it shorter. I will eventually have an Amrep octo in my fleet. This is probably going to be my only FG video. Tell me which was you favorite truck! NOTE: I am stopping voting since I feel like it is wrecking the surprise of what will come next. Hope you enjoyed the video! And Jaccob, if you see this, I hope you like the Curbtender and scorpion! Check out my facebook page!