20" snow plowing a parking lot

See how the snow curls forward on the first pass and note backdragging along the doors. Good high stacking with the Boss V plow too.

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Meg plowing snow
Meg's first time driving, pushing snow with the duramax

06 F350 Clearing a parking lot
Our f350 plowing at another parking lot we clear.

Parking Lot Snow Removal
White Glove Snow Removal

30" snow plowing a parking lot : Dodge Cummins with Boss Power V Plow vs. Blizzard Charlotte
Plowing Blizzard Charlotte 36" snow with Dodge Cummins and Boss Power V Plow, TreadWright Guard Dog 265/70R16 Tires with Kedge Grip , Really just killing time here while I waited over an hour for the giant John Deere loader to come and push the bulk of the snow away. I couldn't just sit and wait so I picked at it a little bit.