20" snow plowing a parking lot

See how the snow curls forward on the first pass and note backdragging along the doors. Good high stacking with the Boss V plow too.

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Bryan's Snowplowing Explosion
Record Breaking Winter in Central Mass Exploding Through a Pile of Powder

Snow Plowing with a plow going bad.
I have a Boss plow that has been acting up more and more as the day goes by. It got to the point that it would shift to the left every time I wanted it to go up or right. It would only go up after it swung to the left and then it would go up. When I wanted it to go right, it didn't move,but you can hear the pump running. Or it went left. That was a real pain to plow snow with. Look for the video on how I fixed it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vB5Z7sEnsDw

06 F350 Clearing a parking lot
Our f350 plowing at another parking lot we clear.

BOSS Straight Blade Plowing Tips
To maximize the efficiency of your straight blade use this how to guide for tips on using your BOSS Snowplow Straight Blade. Visit: www.bossplow.com