20" snow plowing a parking lot

See how the snow curls forward on the first pass and note backdragging along the doors. Good high stacking with the Boss V plow too.

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06 F350 Clearing a parking lot
Our f350 plowing at another parking lot we clear.

Meg plowing snow
Meg's first time driving, pushing snow with the duramax

How not to plow
563rd mp co

30" snow plowing a parking lot : Dodge Cummins with Boss Power V Plow vs. Blizzard Charlotte
Plowing Blizzard Charlotte 36" snow with Dodge Cummins and Boss Power V Plow, TreadWright Guard Dog 265/70R16 Tires with Kedge Grip , Really just killing time here while I waited over an hour for the giant John Deere loader to come and push the bulk of the snow away. I couldn't just sit and wait so I picked at it a little bit.