Big Daddy's New Old Dragster

Don Garlits restores an old Swamp Rat with a brand-new 392 Hemi Crate Engine and shows the new motor how to do an old-fashioned burnout.

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Don Garlits - 1964 426 Hemi build CACKLEFEST Swamp Rat 8
During the work on HEMI: A History of Chrysler's Iconic V-8 in Competition, I had a chance to spend a day with Don Garlits as he put together a cackle engine for the 2014 season. Providentially, this was going into the replica of Swamp Rat 8, the first Garlits dragster to use the 426 engine architecture. As you will see, the results could not have been better....

Don Garlits Warms Up Swamp Rat 12- A
Big Daddy Don Garlits fires up Swamp Rat 12-A , I could see the nitro flames at high noon . Sure sounds crisp on 92% fuel !

Funny Car runs over crew!
This video is of Funny Car owner Dale Harsins of Boise Idaho being ran over by his car at Woodburn Dragstrip at the 1st annual night of fire races in Woodburn Oregon on july 30th 2011. If you watch the video frame by frame you will see the cars laft rear tire run over the crew member and the owner of the car is hit and dragged along till the driver gets car stopped.

Lisa Kubo and the Swamp Rat
Lisa Kubo, 2001 NIRA Titlist, shows off the Swamp Rat 12A and then fires it up with the help of Big Daddy Don Garlits.