BMW 135i vs Nissan GT-R Drag Racing -

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Bmw 135i Cobb Stage 2+ vs Nissan GTR
A little comparison between a 135i and a GTR back from the Worthersee. The Bimmer has a stage2+ aggressive map. The GTR may be stock.

bmw 135i vs CR8
2 BMW 135i 380hp vs CR8 460hp

Nissan GT-R Stage 1 vs BMW M6 Evotech
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Stock BMW M4 vs tuned BMW 335i
There is so much power ready to be released from tuning a 335i or 435i, the question is will such a car beat a stock M3/4? Also compare the sound of the cars at the end of the video. Adams channel, check it out. Find me on Facebook here Find me on Twitter here Find me on Instagram here