2013 Honda Accord Sport exhaust (stock)

This is my new 2013 Honda Accord Sport. The car is currently completely stock due to it being fresh off the car lot. It has a 4k rpm rev limiter while parked, so that's why it has such a short rev. I plan on putting on new mufflers or a whole Exhaust system. I have also Plastidipped the rims matte black. Here's the video to see what they look like. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owtbjtP-ric

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2013 accord exhaust
This video is about 2013 accord Exhaust

2013 Accord Sport aFe Takeda Axleback Exhaust
3 videos combined together. In cabin acceleration from stop and above normal driving. Outside acceleration from stop. Note: I have the intake resonator collar removed.

2013 Honda Accord Sport. Takeda Exhaust,TBS, and SRI.
Takeda Axel-back Exhaust, takeda SRI, Takeda TBS are all installed. It's a really short video just so you know how it sounds like. I absolutely love Takeda products as you can see, the Axel-back Exhaust has that deep tone to it and you can only feel it when you want to feel it so it's not noisy at all. What I noticed is, the Exhaust has that sick tone at around 2000rpms, then the SRI kicks in at around 3000rpms. You can hear the little whistle sound from the TBH which sounds pretty cool TBH and doesn't annoy me at all. If you have any questions, comments or requests for me to do just let me know below in the comment section. And as I mentioned, this was made really quick just out of boredom.

Borla R&D - 2013 Honda Accord Sedan (Sport - I4) - PN 11840
PN-11840 Rear Section Exhaust System for Accord Sedan (V6 & I4) MSRP $778.99 Borla Direct $695.50 available AUG'13 - www.Borla.com