Chevrolet Lumina SS vs Ople Astra Superboss

Highly worked Opel vs Chev V8 rocking Nitrous

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Chev Lumina SS Supercharged " THOR "
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No Start Diagnostics (1992 Chevy Lumina)
Once again the purpose of this video is to teach you "flow". What do you test first, where do you go next? I will embed the hyperlinks to three other videos that I have done on this type of system for you guys that still want the deep theory involved in what I am doing.

305kw Chevrolet SS Lumina Fuel Test
Chevrolet SS Lumina Supercharged 6.0L V8 engine 305kw Wheel power 621 N.m Torgue

Supercharged Lumina SS Ute (2010) Dyno
My 2010 6.0L V8 Chevrolet Lumina SS Ute. (Yes, it IS a Holden Commodore Ute and NO, I dont know why it's branded as a Chevy here in South Africa) Either way, it's been supercharged to 500kW (Engine Calculated) with 770Nm Torque when using Torco Octane Booster. :) The audio used in this video is owned by the respective artist and recording companies involed. Music by Moby.