Lexus IS-F with N20 Nitrous at the drag strip PBIR Runs11.3

Lexus IS-F with N20 Nitrous at the drag strip PBIR 11.3

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Lexus IS-F with Nitrous N20 Spray 225 shot!
This cars best trap was 122 for the night. Owner states a 225 shot! This is one of only a couple IS-F's in the country with N20.

DYNO DAY! Lexus IS-F on 100 Shot Nitrous (N.O.S.)
got the N.O.S. installed a few days ago - see the install pics here: We started out without NOS, just the Exhaust and Intake were a factor. The number was around 353rwhp Next we did a 75 shot of N.O.S. and did about 401rwhp. I figured that wasn't worth looking at so we skipped (in the video) to run #3 which was with a 100 shot of N.O.S. and got it up to around 430rwhp. Since i have an 8 speed tranny, and we were pulling in 6th gear, i asked if we could do a run at full throttle all the way through all video, you will see how fast we went. I was surprised! I know, its a Dyno and not out on the road, but it was still a big ass number. :D Subscribe, its coming up tomorrow morning! : If you think its dangerous or unsafe, please read their write up on the myths of NOS. It will be ok, trust me. check out and meet my good friends and installers!! They mainly do American Muscle but this time they worked on some Japanese muscle.....these guys do it all! call 916.481.CARS (2277) for all your OVER THE TOP custom car needs. Visit their youtube channel at As of the time of this upload, the ISF has alrady been on the Dyno! Video tomorrow. We ended up running a 100 shot and had significant gains! Thanks for watching! If you want to see it all installed, check out the video coming up next as i show the entire process. Don't forget to check out my website! Join the forum today and be part of one of the BIGGEST car audio & custom car websites on earth! More to come! Facebook Page here: Follow:

Darby's F in the 11s
08 Lexus isF Injen intake, elite ported IM, sikky headers, joe z PTS & Nitrous... 486whp 456 tq

Lexus IS-F on 100 Shot Nitrous (NOS) Purge Valve Kit Install
Visit my site! Join the forum! Original NOS Install video here: On the Dyno with NOS video here: SMD Products Available here - also check out the new shirts, hats, beanies, pullovers and zip-ups! The new SMD v2 Subwoofer is now available for purchase! see the entire Lexus ISF sound system playlist here See ALL the system install pictures here: tem-install-mechman-270a-alternator-installed-page-5/ More pics and info of the new SMDv2 by Ascendant Audio here. -audio-mega-beastly-subwoofer-pics-inside/ This system was designed to be clean, classy and have great SQ (ask those who have heard it)....but it gets down too. Not an SPL machine by any means, but it does flex the car pretty good for 1 15 :D System Info: Stock Lexus Navi/Touchscreen (1) Apple Ipad Mini Rockford Fosgate 3sixty.3 (OEM Integration/EQ/x-over) (2) Rockford Fosgate T2500.1bd cp (bass) (1) Rockford Fosgate T1000.4ad (Midbass/Midrange) (1)Rockford Fosgate T400.2 (Tweeters) (1) Ascendant Audio SMD 15"v2 Woofer (1) Mechman 270a Alternator (4) XS Power AGM Batteries (2) Rockford Fosgate P-3 Shallow 8" Drivers (4)Rockford Fosgate T5 Mids (4) Rockford Fosgate T5 Tweeters (2) SMD VM-1 (Volt Meter) (1) SMD OM-1 (output Meter) (1) SMD TM-1 F (Temperature Monitor / Fan Controller) 100 shot Holley NOS Nitrous Oxide System Takeda Air Intake Figs Engineering Rear Control Arms Figs Engineering Toe Links KWv3 Coilovers AZA 3 Piece 20's (20x10 Rear 20x9 front) Pirelli P Zero Nero Tires 285/25/20 Rear, 235/30/20 Front ISS Forged Track Exhaust System (Stainless Catback) Second Skin Damplifier Pro Sound Deadener