2010 Dodge Ram HEMI w/ Flowmaster Exhaust

2010 Dodge Ram Hemi with flowmaster 40 series Exhaust, tips have been changed out from stock and the resonators right before the tips have been removed, used a sinlge in dual out flowmaster muffler (not true duals) used same size tips as stock just about 3-4 times longer, 4" polished SS rolled edge angle cut tips, no other mods.

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This kit replaces the factory muffler and gives the HEMI a much needed Boost in the sound department! The factory rear resonators are still intact. Stay tuned for a sound clip of our new kit without the resonators.

Flowmaster Super 10 Series Muffler - 2010 Dodge Ram 5.7 Hemi
Single inlet/outlet with factory resonator still in place. This muffler is SO much better than the 18' Magnaflow I had before. It is louder in lower RPM, the drone is about the same, and the exhuast note overall is very throaty, deep, badass, and extremely pleasing. It is NOT overbearing and will not deafen you (unless you are used to driving a car equivilent to a Prius). I highly recommend this muffler to everyone!

2010 Dodge Ram 5.7 Hemi - Stock Muffler vs Magnaflow 18" Comparison
Just a comparison video on all the scenarios I wanted to see when I was researching mufflers. I hope this will help people who are in need of help like I was. The stock muffler was cut out and a Magnaflow 18" was stuck in its place. Single exhuast with factory resonator still in place. To be honest, I wish the muffler was louder. At Idle, you can barely hear it, and at WOT it sounds a lot like the stock muffler. I think only the city driving sound has improved, as it sounds really nice taking off from a stop at about 1/4-1/2 throttle. One thing to not overlook is that it DOES drone. The reason I went with Magnaflow after all was because everyone said it does not drone. I would've gone with the Flowmaster if I had known this... But I am very happy with it overall. I'll give it a few months to see how much louder it gets, and see if there is any better performance or MPGs from the swap. So far, I can't tell. Here is a link to the exact muffler I bought: http://www.summitracing.com/parts/MPE-11249/

Extreme Dodge Ram 2013 Exhaust Flowmaster Series 40 Sound
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