2009 G37 sedan Racing 2005 BMW 330I

My friend wanted to see what his stock 330i can do against my stock g37 = ] I turned my VDC off and we started from a stop but near da end-ish i slowed down and he just kept going due to me catching up on some traffic = [

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Track Evening INFINITI G37 SEDAN
INFINITI G37 SEDAN TRACK EVENING DUBAI AUTODROME This car is pretty impressive to keep up with some of the more nimble cars. It is a heavy car but well balanced. As you can see, my driving and lines are conservative as it was not a timed race or a competition.. Just a fun track evening :) Music: Intro by The XX (Copyright)

2005 Vortech Supercharged Infiniti G35 Sedan
Some sound clips of my ride

Twin Turbo Infiniti G37s - Jared Snow
Please Watch original https://vimeo.com/121100690

My 07 BMW 328i VS My Friends Loaner G37