Honda Accord Euro R CL7 J's Racing 60RS Exhaust - Outside

J's Racing 60RS Dual Exhaust TODA Racing Headers GruppeM Intake

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CL7 Euro R J'S 60RS

Honda Accord Euro-R CL7 J's Racing FX 60RS Single Exhaust Sound- Taking Off
J's Racing Titan FX 60RS Single Exhaust Sound of my friend's Accord Euro-R CL7 MODS: J's Racing FX 60RS Single Exhaust Weapon R Headers

EuroR with HKS & GruppeM
Sound clip

Honda Civic FD1 R18 - J'S RACING C304 50RS Exhaust
Hey follow Honda R18 fans, Post up a better quality video of my J's Racing Catback Exhaust system. My old video is still up and running on my other channel but its much poorer quality (as I didn't have a decent camera that time) J's Racing used a special stainless steel material called C304 which makes it lighter than normal steel. Note that the J's Racing resonator is smaller than the stock oem resonator, which makes it sound louder and sweeter ;) As you can see I have the Beaks rear tie bar which I got from JDMYARD.COM The J's Racing is from JDMCONCEPT.COM.AU