Camaro Cup 2011 Falkenberg

Camaro Cup from Sweden at Falkenberg racetrack 2/7 race 2.

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Fukamuni Racing - Mantorp Park Camaro Cup 5/5-2012
Jan qualified with the time of 1;19,554 and startet P1 at Mantorp Park for the first round of STCC in Camaro. Jan was superior and won both races at Mantorp Park the 5/5-2012.

Marcus Palnér Mantorp Park Camaro Cup 2011
Race nr 1 During the Camaro Cup Finals on Mantorp Park 2011! Driver Marcus Palnér

Camaro Racing Tribute to Camaro Cup/SuperStar racing series
Camaro racing. Camaro Superstar / Camaro Cup ! Road Course racing series with Camaros. Still going strong to this day in Sweden, with some dips in the years, but started with the first race in the year 1975. With many well known Guest drivers like Hans-Joachim Stuck and Keke Rosberg as examples, Rosberg who said "This is almost more fun than Formula 1" After he came in second place in a race!! Camaro Super Star Cup was driven before Fomula 1 several times, and was an real success for the audience and the drivers, on tracks all over Europe, like Donington Park in England, Spa in Belgium, Zandvoort in Netherland, Germany and Finland and such, but it is an Swedish series originally. It got "free" rules in 1982, with free engine modifications and any brand could participate, and became Super Saloons, with more Silhouette type racers like the last cool Group 5 cars. But Camaros where still run, they just got wider... :D And then came Camaro Cup back in 1988 as an Standard Cup who was supposed to be a bit more "cheap" class to run, With more original type of cars, and standard tires, but they where still fast, and by no means an "street" car. Today, in 2010 I believe, they changed name to V8 Thundercars and run Trans-Am type tube-chassis with Camaro, Mustang or Challenger bodys, and still is an standard/stock car type class where everything is equal.. And the driver is the deciding factor, for the most part atleast... ...

Camaro Cup 2009, Våler Crash Incidents
During the races in Våler there where some contact between cars and hard words was spoken. Here are some neutral film clips about what happend. What do you think happened?