Chain Adjustment Tips

A couple useful tips to consider when setting your drive chain slack.

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DIY - Tensioning your chain
We recently spent a morning in the Offroad Racing Concepts workshop. Watch as Ian Rindle takes us through the steps of tensioning your KTM's chain...

Awesome chain adjustment
Do this procedure once, cut your block of wood to the right height, and viola! Later when you have your rear wheel off and go to put your wheel back on just shove the block of wood in place, tighten the chain down against it (with the chain adjusters) and torque your axle nut. Perfect chain adjustment every time. Saweet!

Part 47: Motocross bike. Adjusting chain slack. YZ250F
Part 47 of a series on building a motocross bike. Adjusting chain slack. Please subscribe and thanks for watching!

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