Cherry Bomb Turbo Muffler- 03 Cavalier

New Muffler on my 03, popping is from small back pressure issue. Nothing Mechanically wrong. No Longer my car sold it for a 95 Camaro. New Exhaust video coming soon.

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thrush mufflers vs turbo mufflers 3 inch v8 sound compare muscle car
swapped my thrush 3" chambered mufflers for some turbo mufflers in hopes of less hearing damage... still have the earth shaking bass, but a little smoother sounding...

Toyota Tercel With Thrush Turbo Muffler.
mi tercel del 99 tenia una pipa rota y le puse esta thrush, ahora suena mucho mas lindo, y el diseƱo le queda muy bien. Y no podia faltar el sticker de la marca jajajaja.

2006 Tacoma 4.0 V6 Cherrybomb Extreme Muffler
2006 Tacoma SR5 Prerunner 4.0 V6 automatic with a Cherrybomb Extreme 2.5" SI/SO offset muffler. Stock muffler was just cut off and the Cherrybomb and some extra piping welded in it's place. The rest of the Exhaust and engine are completely stock. Before anyone asks, those are 20" Enkei wheels off a 1st gen Tundra XSP, those are LED tail lights off an 09 Tacoma, and the center of the dash is out of a 2012 and the head unit is a Pioneer D3 (soon to be changed), and the guage cluster is blue because I changed all of the LED's in it.

How To Fix a Muffler / Exhaust Leak For $3.00 in Five Minutes!!!
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