Le mans 1971 Crash

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Le Mans 1955 Disaster: How it happened
The worst accident in motor racing history happened at the 1955 24 hours of Le Mans. The 1955 Le Mans disaster lead to the death of 83 spectators and Pierre Levegh, more than 100 more people were injured. The photographer of this footage was injured but did survive the incident. This footage was only recently released after being hidden from the public for almost 55 years. The footage formed part of the evidence in an enquiry into the cause of the incident which absolved all drivers involved, and came to the conclusion that the track had insufficient protection for the spectators. Mercedes voluntarily withdrew from the race 8 hours in, Jaguar declined to do the same. Mike Hawthorn won the race. Hawthorn is said to have admitted causing the incident behind closed doors though never in public.

1970 LeMans 24har Race. 2
Steve McQueen in the 1971 move LeMans, the story of the 1970 LeMans 24har Race

Buenos Aires 1000Km - 1971 - Ignazio Giunti fatal accident
Ignazio Giunti (30 August 1941 - 10 January 1971) was an Italian racing driver who made his name in saloon and Sports Car Racing in the late 1960s. Tragedy struck in his first drive in 1971 whilst racing in the 1000 km Buenos Aires race, when his Ferrari 312PB prototype ploughed into the back of the Matra 660 of Jean-Pierre Beltoise, who was pushing the car along the track after it had run out of fuel. The impact and the subsequent fire gave the popular Italian no chance of survival.