My SAAB 900 2,3T E85 tuned by Nordic Uhr

I'm testing Vegas for the first time... beats Windows moviemaker :D

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Saab 9-5 2.3T Aero Nordic E85 Xtreme
Roadtest / mapping befor Dyno. 1.5-1.6bar. 1200cc Biopower E85. Big turbo ;) Wisit / NordicPerformanceCenter for more pics / vids / info.

SAAB 900 tuned by Maptun & Rusty Rocket VS Yamaha FZR 1000

Nissan GT-R 700 HP vs Saab 9-5 Nordic Extreme 700 WHP
GT-R = 700 HP, on the crank Saab = 700 WHP, on the wheels

Pfaff Tuning | ADV.1 Wheels | Saab 9.3
Erik's Saab looks incredible.