95 Chevy Suburban with a cummins 12 valve installed.mp4

My friend Rob installed a 12 valve cummins in his 95 Chevy Suburban and he did a real nice job it just needs more fuel now.

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K2500 Suburban Cummins Conversion Start Up
Firing up the 6bt in my 95 Suburban.

Chevrolet Cummins Suburban Turbo Diesel Conversion Chevy
This video is of the suburban three years after we did the conversion. She still runs good, gets good fuel mileage and serves us as dependable transportation.

1998 Chevy 1 Ton 6.5 to 5.9 conversion/ swap # 1
1998 Chevy 1 Ton from 6.5 to 5.9 Cummins Diesel Engine Swap/Conversion. Details on how I made it work in my truck. # 1

1999 Suburban 12 Valve Cummins NV4500 conversion
This was our fall-into-winter project, taking an already great rig and making it better. The Suburban came to us as a basically stock truck with the lift kit and tires. We pulled out the small-block, 4L60 and t-case and started the process of fitting the 12 valve Cummins mated to an NV4500 transmission and manually operated t-case. We introduced our new high mount A/C, GM alternator bracket and GM IFS specific motor mounts. It's all finished and back with it's very happy owner!!