E46 M3 acceleration 0-220

E46 M3 acceleration 0-220 Speedo

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M3 e46 smgII launch control 0-275 acceleration
Aceleracion m3 e46 smgII con launch control en circuito cerrado desde parado hasta el tope que da limitado https://youtu.be/Smc73A1LlVY m3 e46 vs m3 e92 https://youtu.be/R9LA9jDTJmQ m3 e46 vs 335i e93

BMW E46 M3 0-300 Tacho w/ Launchcontrol
With 1 passanger and full tank @ 13°C Start with Launch Control / CSL SMG Software Bone Stock + Supersprint Race Lightweight Exhaust Section 3 but fresh engine!!! Competition 19 inch Wheels

E46 M3 acceleration
343 bhp in your face!!!

BMW M3 SMG E46 110-270 km/h
BMW M3 SMG E46 v-max test - not acceleration test! Going for a track day on the Track Poznan. Onboard: 2 men, baggage, 4x19" wheels with slick tires, 3/4 fuel tank. Car had 19" OEM wheels. Windy day (as always) on a Polish highway A2.