Spanky's Catalina

Pat Spangenberg's 10 sec in his 1962 Pontiac Catalina just under 4000lbs on 9in slicks, all throttle no bottle............. yet Great Lakes Dragway Nitrous Street Car Brawl

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Spangenberg's 8 second Impala street car

8.952 @ 147.8
Larry Quinn driving the Nostalgia Super Stock '62 Pontiac BLAST FROM THE PAST at the Monster 2007 (Gateway). Track conditions were good, air was crap and the car did a little dance in 2nd gear. P.S. Sorry I didn't get a better shot of your Mopower, John.

STOLEN: 1962 Pontiac Catalina Drag Car And Trailer
Saw an article in this month's High Performance Pontiac about a stolen Catalina. The Catalina is cream colored, has red Ventura interior, and "Super Chief" graphics on the quarter panels. The Catalina also has a 535 c.i. Pontiac engine with Edelbrock heads and a Wenzler intake manifold. It also has Illinois antique plates "62INJN" and vin "962W2877". The trailer the car was kept in was also stolen. The trailer was a 28-foot Haulmark with ARC Environmental Engineering logos on the sides. The trailer's plates are Illinois "65591TD" and vin "16HGB28217H156139". If anyone has any information as to the whereabouts of this car and trailer call Rich Killen at (708) 460-7373. Thanks.

1962 pontiac catalina vs 1962 pontiac catalina
473 cu v8 by Gaydosh performance. stock suspension, fiberglass front end My dad is driving the white car