347 ford maverick


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Old 347 in 1970 Maverick still running great! Plugs are 6 years old!
Its still alive!! Old 347 still runs great.

I`m drag racing my 73 ford maverick (460) big block Ford 1-1-14
This is me racing my 1973 ford maverick pulling a wheelie at Sacramento raceway on 1-1-14 . I ran a 10.94 @ 121 mph. Not to bad for a stock ford 460 short block. I put it together with my grandpa"s old stock 1970 cylinder heads off his old truck ,that I ported in my backyard.It has a comp cams 292 H cam, lifters and valve springs.Stock distributor. Holley 750 vacuum secondary carburetor on a offenhauser port-o-sonic intake.Custom 2 piece headers that I welded up in my driveway with a arc welder.A C-6 trans with a shift kit and a Street Bandit 10 inch ACC boss hog 3800 stall torque converter. I'ts time to see how my 850 holley double pumper and my new drag slicks will work out now. Should be fun ! The 750 vacuum secondary carb I was running on this pass was way to small.

1970 Ford Maverick Grabber with 347 Stroker
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"PLANE INSANE" '70 FORD MAVERICK RUNS 8.73@154.56MPH AT RT66 8-23-13