videoblog: 135i vs M3 E92 0 to 100

Пробный заезд BMW 135i с Performance Exhaust против стоковой M3 E92 на ручной коробке. Разогнались примерно до сотни, и пришлось притормозить.

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BMW 135i VS M3 (2)

BMW 135i - Berk Rear Section Cold Start
A cold start of my 1er with the Berk Rear Section Exhaust...more to come...stay tuned

BMW 135i vs BMW M3 e92
I don't know what mods if any either car is running but the M3 driver needs to work on his launches!

best motoring 135i vs E92 m3 drag race
both are nice cars. the race is really depends on drivers.