R1 Turbo bike engine in a reliant

Reliant Kitten fitted with a Yamaha R1 engine with a turbo 235 bhp @ wheels does a 12.34 @ 115 mph but is in top gear on the rev limiter approx 1 second before the finish line so needs taller gearing or the rev limit lifting up or bigger wheels. V8 escorts time 13.62 @ 98

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Reliant Kitten ZZR1100 1/4 mile
Bike engine Reliant Kitten

r6 robin reliant
this was the last run for the r6 engined reliant .now i am putting a r1 engine into it

Reliant kitten test drive
Reliant kitten bike engine

My Supra 712bhp vs Mini Rover Turbo T16 Engine - Santa Pod Raceway 2011