R1 Turbo bike engine in a reliant

Reliant Kitten fitted with a Yamaha R1 engine with a turbo 235 bhp @ wheels does a 12.34 @ 115 mph but is in top gear on the rev limiter approx 1 second before the finish line so needs taller gearing or the rev limit lifting up or bigger wheels. V8 escorts time 13.62 @ 98

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r1 robin reliant
we had the r6 in her,now i have put the r1 in it .new project now robin reliant with the r1 big bang engine and a turbo .so keep looking .. she is still not flat out yet ? 0 to 60 in the wet about 5 seconds will try again.

3.5 litre V8 Reliant Robin.
1976 Reliant Robin with a 3.5 litre V8 Rover engine driving off its trailer for a display in Tamworth. It's a Reliant that boy racers wish they hadn't tried to race as they trail behind sucking in the Exhaust fumes. :o) ( http://www.3wheelers.com/heritage2.html )

My Supra 712bhp vs Mini Rover Turbo T16 Engine - Santa Pod Raceway 2011

reliant robin bike engine conversion bike powered xj 900
this will whip any motor on the road, and burn out tyres like f**k, power to weight ratio= 240hp!! unreal power for sale on ebay soon!! custom made cradle mounted on 4 landrover mounts rs 2000 recaro bucket seats,, upjetted, pod filters, straight through madmax pipes 1991 xj 900 engine 25000 miles fully serviced good for another 100,000 quick shift up and down gear lever, all throttle and clutch cables made to fit brakes and steering all spot on just some simple wiring and a prop to be made