Rsx Type S vs Mustang

from a DIGGER

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06 civic si vs rsx type S
06 civic intake, Exhaust,pullies, throtle body spacer, 2 inch lower kit, spark plugs 03 rsx type 2, intake, Exhaust, stage 2 clutch/flywheel

rsx type s vs Mustang 5.0
Saw this Mustang at a gas station and my friend asked was it fast. He replayed "faster than that" while looking at my car. Just let the video do the talking. 06 RSX type S: Bolt-ons, stage 1 cams, Tuned Mustang 5.0: Bolt-ons

Acura RSX Type S Vs Infiniti G37 Racewaypark New Jersey Nov 9,2008

bolt on tuned RSX Type S vs Nissan 350z
went from a 40 roll and we each had a passenger 350z: stock RSX: I/RH/E/IMG/RBC/kpro street tuned stage 4 clutch/ LSD/ lightweight flywheel and other stuff that doesnt really matter in a straight line haha