Fernando Roxas Jr.'s 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart Feature | Halcyonphoto.net

There are few words to describe Fernando's Lancer, but stunning comes to mind. It's a car I can easily just stare at non-stop. Filming it was a real privilege. TURN YOUR SPEAKERS UP! Bet you've never heard a song like this in a car video before. OUR OTHER LINKS! http://facebook.com/halcyonphoto http://twitter.com/halcyonphoto http://vimeo.com/halcyonphoto http://halcyonphoto.tumblr.com Song: Codes In The Clouds - Don't Go Awash In This Digital Landscape

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Steven's Stanced Lancer
A video we did for Steven out of Phoenix! His car is a real piece of art and we're glad to have worked with him to showcase his hard work. What do you think? Let us know below! Follow him on Instagram @whipwhizzle Song credit (we do not own any rights to this song) - Meg Myers - Desire

Tuner Evolution: Philadelphia 2017 | HALCYON (4K)
Tuner Evolution and myself have been working together for a long time now. Each time we visit a new city, we try to make sure we showcase the enviornment and surrounding culture the best we can. We realized that after all these years in Philadelphia, we never did that for the home city. With that said, in addition to shooting the show itself, we ventured into the city and outlying suburbs to capture the local cars and create something magical. [ SLAP & DIE-CUT STICKERS! ] → http://thisishalcyon.com [ SOCIAL MEDIA ] → Instagram: @halcyonphoto → Snapchat: @thisishalcyon → Twitter: @halcyonphoto → Facebook: http://facebook.com/halcyonphoto [ TRACKS ] → ESSEX - CRIM35 → https://soundcloud.com/essex → https://twitter.com/essexvisual → https://www.instagram.com/essexvisual/ → Com Truise - ...Of Your Fake Dimension → http://comtruise.com/ → https://www.facebook.com/comtruise → Vacant - Let Off → https://soundcloud.com/liquidritual/vacant-let-off → https://soundcloud.com/vacantmusiclondon → https://twitter.com/vacantldn → https://www.instagram.com/vacantldn/ → Wiz Khalifa - James Bong (DVNGLEz Dab'd Out Remix) → https://soundcloud.com/danglez → https://dvnglez.bandcamp.com/ → https://dvnglez.bandcamp.com/ → ∆ϾЄMΫ₮H - U & Me → https://soundcloud.com/acemyth → https://twitter.com/acemythmusic → https://www.instagram.com/ace.myth/ →MVEJIMV - Distance →https://soundcloud.com/mvejimv →https://twitter.com/MVEJIMV →https://mvejimv.bandcamp.com/ → AESTRAL - Half Light → https://soundcloud.com/aestral/half-light → https://twitter.com/aestralmusic → https://www.facebook.com/aestralmusic → Mizukage ー Waterfall

2009 Slammed Ralliart vs. Speed bump
Just messing around in my buddy jrox's slammed lancer ralliart on AMR Engineering coilovers and MB Battles.

Lancer 2.0 GT