Lamin-x Precut Level 2 : Tail Light Cover Installation

Lamin-x Precut Tail Light Kit installed on BMW M3. Protect with Style! ▶ NOW available on our website: For More Information @ © Lamin-X All rights reserved.

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BMW LED Tail Light Installation DIY - Stealth Auto Tech Tips This video will show you how to install new LED tail lights. If you have any questions, please give us a call (310) 312 5555 -Stealth Auto Team

BMW 325i Ugly Hazy Headlight Restoration by Headlight Restoration Service Florida This BMW 325i headlights restoration took a doing. These headlights had passed the yellow stage gone through the hazy cloudy stage of oxidation. They were among the worst headlights that we have ever restore. Never the less we were able to give these headlights a new look after our headlight restoration service. have been restoring headlights in south Florida in the Miami Dade, Broward county area for the past 3 years. The headlights in this video were restored in Lauderhill Florida close to Coral Springs Tamarac and Sunrise. Mr Parks was very happy and pleased with our headlight restoration service. His headlights in a like new look condition dramatically improved the appearance of his car and also increased his SAFETY as well.

3M Dinoc and 3D carbon fiber vinyl Install Help Video Buy direct from us and save. Please compare our prices with our competitors we cant be beat we purchase direct from major vinyl manufacturers. This product simulates the look of carbon fiber used on auto and motorcycles, also consumer electronics. the possibilities are endless.

Smoked Lens Film for BMW - Product info and installation
Give your vehicle a unique stealthy look with our smoked lens films. These films are custom-cut specifically for the lenses of your vehicle. SHOP NOW: http;// Our smoked lens films are made from a thick translucent tinted film, making your lenses appear black when the lights are off, but letting light back through when the lights are illuminated (or when reflectors are struck with light). The thickness of the film also provides protection from your lenses cracking as its 20mil thickness helps to absorb impact from stones or other debris. These films are easily applied, and are removable without damage should it be required.