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Yamaha FZR drag racing a Sea-Doo RXT-X

Impromptu drag race pitting the Yamaha FZR against the Sea-Doo RXT-X. The Yamaha FZR won soundly.


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Yamaha FZR Test 2014- By BoatTest.com
For more videos, test data, performance chart, detail review, captain reports and more about Yamaha FZR, go to http://www.boattest.com/boats/boat_video.aspx?ID=2999 The new FZR SVHO is the upgraded version of the race-proven platform that Yamaha introduced several years ago. What makes this model tick is the new SVHO engine, the next generation of the reliable 1.8L supercharged marine watercraft power package. In addition to the new power, Yamaha has redone the graphics and color scheme, added a new jet pump unit, ride plate and sponsons. This is the exact machine that the race team drives.

Riva 310 HP Kit for the Yamaha 1.8L Supercharged SHO Engine
Riva Motorsports offers an aftermarket kit that increases the horsepower of the Yamaha 1.8L Supercharged SHO Engine to 310HP. The Yamaha SHO engine is available in the Yamaha FZR, FZS, FX Cruiser SHO and FX SHO WaveRunners. Riva's Dave Bamdas explains how the kit works.

Yamaha FZR 250,400,750 Genesis
Canal dedicado a la recopilación de vídeos de motos YAMAHA FZR / Channel dedicated to the collection of video fzr yamaha motorcycle 1987 yamaha FZR Genesis Versiones 250 400 750

1994 YAMAHA FZR 1000
Your looking at a posting of a very rare 1994 YAMAHA FZR 1000 cc motorcycle in Black Metallic with stock original graphics. Video taken March 29, 2012. For its age its in excellent condition. Well maintained and strong as ever. Still as strong as it was when it was brand new. Can still keep up with the new bikes and has been very trouble free. A true gem of a bike. It boast 145 hp. Its a 4 cylinder boasting 5 valves per cyclinder( 3 intake, 2 Exhaust), for a total of 20 valves total ( 3 intake, 2 Exhaust). Uses the original EXUP Exhaust system that monitors efficiency and helps with power efficiency where its needed thru the Exhaust system. It was the fastest bike, time trial and overall speed for its year. States that its overall top speed is 174 mph. Its carburated and not fuel injected and its been kept exactly stock as it came out of the showroom. Its a short frame aluminum chassis, with a large 1000 cc motor. About 1994 Yamaha FZR 1000 Motorcycle: Engine and Transmission Displacement: 1002.00 ccm (61.20 cubic inches) Engine type: in-line four Stroke: 4 Power: 145.00 HP (105.8 KW) @ 10000 RPM Valves per cylinder: 5 Starter: electric Gearbox: 5-speed Physical measures Dry weight: 214.0 kg (471.8 pounds) Seat height: 775mm (30.5 inches) Chassis and dimensions Front brakes: Dual disc Rear brakes: Single disc Speed and acceleration Power/weight ratio: 0.6776 HP/kg Acceleration (0-60): 2.9 seconds Top speed: 174 mph (280.025 kph) This was a review article from back then, enjoy: 1994 Yamaha FZR1000 The FZR1000 is a very well-balanced bike with massive amounts of power. The chassis is perfectly capable of maintaining its composure under the stress of a motor at full throttle, and this makes the ride and the feel of the bike more enjoyable. One of my favorite things about this machine is its extreme light weight and maneuverability. Due to its layout with 45 degree angled cylinders and relatively low seat height it feels lighter than a brand new R1, although it's about 50 pounds heavier. The bike is very easy to handle around town and it has a very satisfying acceleration. When you ride the FZR1000 you feel like you are a part of the machine and the ride is more enjoyable. On the modern sport bikes you are perched on top of the bike and the ride is not so comfortable. But what goes fast, needs to stop fast and the FZR1000 has no problem with powerful braking. The bike's solid and reliable braking system will do the job for you every single time. The bike's powerful engine really starts to scream when you hit 7000 RPM and no moving object on the road will leave you behind at full throttle. The 20-valve inline four built by Yamaha is one of the most reliable power plants ever constructed so you will ride the bike with no worry. Conclusion: The people that own these motorcycles take very good care of them so it wouldn't be hard for you to find a bike that looks great and rides smoothly. If the owner has the full service history of the bike and you are satisfied with the miles, than you should really consider buying it. Also make sure that the tires are in good shape because they aren't so durable on sport bikes and they don't come cheap. Yamaha's FZR1000 was considered the Best Street bike in the 90's. It was the bike to own in those days: very fast, beautiful and handled like no other. (END)

YAMAHA Fzr 1000-Motor GENESIS com sistema EXUP
Término da montagem do motor e ajuste de carburação.IDEAL MOTOS ,rua araça,470,jardim guanabara .campo grande-MS.67-3045-1376

Rossnemo Racing Yamaha FZR Hydrodrag Race Boat
Yamaha Waverunner Hydrodrag ready FZR built by Rossnemo Racing. Fully ported and cammed engine, CP 9.5 pistons, K1 4340 H beam rods, Engine Tech Supercharger, Full Competition Exhaust, Vipec, Rotax 160mm pump, custom crankcase evac system..

yamaha FZR 1000 TUNING BLYA
first drive. fucking pump.

2014 Yamaha FZR Walk Through with Yamaha Product Manager Scott Watkins
Yamaha Product Manager Scott Watkins walks through the all new 2014 Yamaha FZR with Yamaha's brand new Super Vortex High Output, or SVHO, engine. This engine powers the FZR right out of the box to new levels of performance that had previously only been seen on the closed course race circuit.

Riva Racing 400hp Turbo Kit for the Yamaha 1.8L Engine
Riva Racing is now selling a 400hp turbo kit for the Yamaha 1.8L engine that powers the high-performance FZR, FZS, VXR, VXS as well as the luxury-performance FX models.

2015 Yamaha FX SVHO Series WaveRunners
Yamaha has matched the most powerful WaveRunner engine in history with RiDE, the world’s first dual throttle handlebar control system, and a new generation NanoXcel2 hull to create the ultimate personal watercraft. Exclusive upgrades include a new electric trim system, Command Link for easy access to onboard instrumentation, Cruise Assist/No Wake Mode for consistent engine RPM levels and the largest reboarding platform in the industry.

Yamaha VXR PWC 2011 Waverunner Peformance Tests / Reviews - By BoatTest.com
http://www.boattest.com for more reviews /tests , captain reports of Yamaha boats / Waverunners, go to www.boattest.com

Yamaha FZR PWC Boat (2009-) - By BoatTest.com
http://www.boattest.com More test data and High Quality videos available at www.boattest.com

2008 World Finals and Sea-Doo Bounty
The lab team took some time off to visit Lake Havasu, Arizona and observe the competition of speed and physical ability at the IJSBA World Finals, the World Championship of PWC competition. Professional Sea-Doo racers Eric Lagopoulos, Carl Lampte, and Franky Zapata competed in the Sea-Doo CUP Bounty aboard the new 2009 Sea-Doo RXP-X for the fastest lap for a trip to the Jeff Gordon Race Experience to drive the Sea-Doo X-TEAM NASCAR Sprint Cup car.

Yamaha FZR + FX-SHO + Seadoo GTX plus to boats 25/3/2010
Boat & Ski's All together 25/3/2010

SHOOTOUT: Yamaha FZS, Kawasaki 15F, Ultra 250, Seadoo RXP-X
First clip, from the camera and out: 15F, Ultra 250, FZS, RXP-X Second clip, from the camera and out: 15F, FZS, Ultra 250, RXP-X

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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