Yamaha FZR drag racing a Sea-Doo RXT-X

Impromptu drag race pitting the Yamaha FZR against the Sea-Doo RXT-X. The Yamaha FZR won soundly.

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Yamaha FZR

Yamaha FZR vs the SeaDoo RXP 260
They Used to be the same speed! Thanks to my friends at Mariner's Cove, the Yamaha is one of the fastest skis on Long Island!

Yamaha VXR and FZR Drag Race Sea-Doo RXT-X
Video montage of dealers drag racing the Yamaha VXR, Yamaha FZR and Sea-Doo RXT-X at recent demo event. Lots of fun for the dealers who were very impressed that the Yamaha VXR (without a Supercharger) consistently beat the Sea-Doo supercharged model.

Yamaha FZS SVHO & Seadoo RXP X 260 RS Part 1