Alfa Romeo 147 GTA 3 7 'Monstro'

Listen to this car. It is extremely LOUD! It's nicknamed 'Monstro'! It's in NA tune with unbelievable performance. It is running a 3.7 Alfa V6 with a Quaiffe gearbox and Quaiffe LS-Diff (145nm lock). The car has been prepared by Dawie de Villiers at Glenwood Motors in South Africa, and features many one-off parts. Dawie de Villiers said (after driving it just after I shot this video) that it is 'the fastest 3.7 he's ever had there by far!'.

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Alfa Romeo 147 GTA by Matejko #TKcrew
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Alfa Romeo 147 Gta 3.7 Autodelta

Alfa Romeo 147 GTA V6 3.2 BUSSO - Start Up & PURE SOUND Straight Pipe
Thanks for Watching, Subscribe to Channel and Leave a Big Like! Like me on: Facebook: Google+ : View the video in "HD video 1080p" to appreciate it better. Beautiful Alfa Romeo 147 GTA, a deep overview all around the car and detail of the engine. The 147 GTA have a 3.2 V6 24V engine called BUSSO, the engine provide 250HP and 300NM power at 6200rpm with a top speed of 248 KM/H. In the video the PURE SOUND of the straight pipe Exhaust system with lot of rev limiter!

Alfa Romeo 147 GTA Sound Compilation
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